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    I have struggled with fitting LED indicators and a tail light to my DTR, I added load resistors and changed the relays for LED compatible ones, but alas no joy. I could never get all 4 indicators to work properly and the tail light is very dim at idle. So much so that I gave up on the indicators and switched back to bulb ones. I'm happy with those now and actually prefer them as they look great and suit the bike well. I also kept the tail light as it seems to work when the revs are high and the brake light in it works well. However at idle there is no real illumination from the tail light, except for the number plate lights. I'm guessing that this would be an MOT failure? I would like to keep the LED tail light as it looks awesome with my tail tidy, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and found a cure at all please???

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    I definitely noticed a very similar problem on a friend's DT when we were going new LED indicators for its MOT. Despite trying them out with a ccouple of different sized load resistors, we also gave up and stuck the original ones back on. Certainly left me scratching my head..

  • Have literally just added led indicators on my dt and do not have this problem. I am not running any resistors since that would only dim the LEDs which you obviously don't want. I got the LED relay and that worked a treat.

    The only problem.I found was that there is a filament bulb located in the dash which is connected to the same circuit as the indicators, I just need to swap that out for a LED amd that will be fine. At the moment I have disconnected it and it works fine.

  • Thanks guys, it is the tail light problem which I am hoping to solve now, any ideas on what could be causing that please?

  • @CYBER-NINJA remove the resistorsr

  • did anybody get this problem sorted with the stop and tail light as have fitted a led bulb to and it only flickers at tickover but fine once revs are up no load resistors fitted

  • Have you tried removing the resistor like @Calum said todo?

    TBH I'm not sure what resistor he's on about because on my dtr I installed an led tail light and it worked no problems at all.

  • @britshgigolo The best I got was a dim tail light at idle and bright when the revs were higher. Sadly my DTR didn't like the LED rear light at all!!! 😞

  • How odd. My 2000 dtr had no problems at all. Is the headlight dim as well? I'm wondering if there's a problem with the voltage regulator.

  • @gareth_iowc i have not installed any resistors to the bike as smds dont mormally need them do you have a link to the bulb you installed as thinking it could be the bulbs thats the problem maybee we should put up what bulbs we find that work ok and what ones to give a miss as would help others

  • @CYBER-NINJA yer thats the same as i have dim and flickering when idle but fine once revs are up have put on new battery and change the rectifer for a new one to solve the problems with the head light i was having and tested the stator and that reads fine but have got a spare to so may give that a try just incase

  • the indicators ones seem to be ok just waiting on the led flasher to arive as they dont like the one on the bike with 4 led bulds fitted as not enough power to trip the flasher

  • well got the new flasher unit and it still not working with all indicator bulbs changed they all flash when you switch on indicator to the left and nothing to the right so can only be somthing to do with the bulb in the head unit turn singnal as thats a standard bulb so back to square one with this

  • @Calum did you find a led bulb to fit in the indicator turn light on the instument panel

  • @britshgigolo For the vapor unit?

    Nah I haven't looked. Bike still needs more work so haven't bothered

  • no this is the standard dtr unit

  • @britshgigolo Right I don't have standard clocks.

  • ok mate ty

  • right the problem with the led indicators and just led indicator bulbs is the dash signal that causes the problem as it uses feeds from bth sides so what is happening is the power is going back down the other feed where they split and causes both sides to flash you can buy a kit for this but after reading up its just two diodes that is needed 1N4005 600v 1A General Purpose Diodes 99p for ten so have ordered them and will get them fitted and let you all know the out come but you will still need to change the flasher to stop the fast flash problem

  • @britshgigolo Interesting, how did you discover this remedy bud???