So the neighbours now hate me !!!

  • Yip as the title says!! Pulled into my driveway today on the new KTM I bought and 1 of my neighbours came out hurling serious abuse at me I couldn't quite believe what was happening or what I was hearing but basically she's threatened me with the police due to the sound of the bike "which I'm waiting on showing up" and requested I push the bike in and out my street from now on despite me having my licence and the bike being taxed and motd and insured anyway she only has went and got 2 more of the neighbours involved who took her side "why wouldn't they" and also proceeded to have a dig at me even on a personal level and threatening the police over and over again because of the sound of the bike which if you ask me isn't bad or else surely it would have been an MOT failure or advisory ?? Anyway is there anything they can do legally with the police if I proceed to leave and drive back into my property on my new bike? I went back to the doors of the neighbours trying to argue my part again showing them the documents for proof that's it's all legit and above board but it's like trying to get blood from a brick! But so much for my day off.. I don't know I'll try get a video on here of the sound see what you's think but I'm not sure I really don't want to get rid of this bike after 2 days.. Anyone else had similar issues?

  • Sounds like bullshit to me.

    Have you a helmet cam buddy?

    Now would be the time to start wearing one. You need to build up your case now before it escalates!

    If the noise isn't excessive, and you aren't ringing its neck in then no, there is fuck all they can do about it. The police will most likely visit you on Noise Complaints. To which you will have video evidence, can show them what the fuss is about.

    Either way, people are always going to hate.

  • is this EXC a 2stroke?

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    Must be @Darty ! I hear some bikes from the next town on from me at times, so it's easy to see where the neighbours are coming from. But if you aren't unnecessarily revving the nuts out of it at 11pm or later then there really isn't much the police can do. Not nice having aggro with neighbours though, for any reason.

  • @Calum Thanks mate that's actually a good idea 👍🏻 !!!! I have a go pro so I'll definetaly be following your advice and logging stuff till it cools down it makes sense!! I've not been going crazy on the bike either low revs I drive in nice and slow to the street as there's always young kids playing around who tend to run across the road blind to traffic .

  • @Darty Yup it's a 2 stroke haha

  • The good news is the police haven't arrived "yet" so I've been looking at alternative exhausts and stuff but it's honestly not much louder than my DTR with its DEP system that sounds like an absolute animal at times. Nothing worse than having a bike and feeling awkward about using it hate this feeling

  • Just to be safe, shove abit more wadding in the end can to muffle it abit more. Shouldn't affect performance much if atall and if the police do come round and hear it running and it's realatively low on noise your neighbours won't have much of a leg to stand on.
    2 strokes have more induction noise than anything anyway, if it was a 600 single 4 stroke with a straight through can then they'd have something to moan about!!

  • @Burridge Thanks for that mate! I might just do that and see if it makes it a bit more silent. I'm 100% certain this isn't much louder than my DTR and if it was to loud I'd have expected an advisory or mot failure. To right they should count themselves lucky I prefer smaller bikes to ride round in as no my many of my friends ride on the road so never felt the need to go above a 250cc ha! I'm actually sitting here wanting to do an oil change on the dtr but bricking it to start that bike up now to incase anything else is said 😂 what have these people done to me !!! Rate I'm going I'll be pushing my bikes miles from the house to even fire them up

  • @Biker_123 Feel for you man, let us know how it goes. Dead forunate with my neighbours, they've tolerated a lot of shit off me through the years, used to ride mini motos round my garden when I was 11, I'd go through tank after tank of fuel and only got told off once when one of their lads kindly asked to stop as he was doing his uni work 😐 oops. I now run nitro RC cars round the garden and am yet to be told off. Been tempted to get a 1/5 scale 2 stroke RC but think the straight through pipe might push them abit over the edge... If only all people could be so tolerating though!

    Are your neighbours miserable old people by any chance??

  • @Biker_123 Surprising how boomy competition 2strokes are on tick over, but not overly so. They are loud but the noise does not carry like a 4stroke, they must really dislike you!

    And what about that one dude who cuts a pathetic patch of lawn around Dinner time Every evening. No-one gets mad at his monotonous, tiny, piston slapping, MX pinned Ryobi strimmer on max attack. I live on a estate to..

    Question is, what are you actually disturbing within social hours?? Ask them that, Do they all meditate and speak telepathically in tranquillity to each other.. feeling the vibrations of the earth.

    lol. hope the police don't come into this man.

  • ONe thing is whats your god given right, and another thing is how much you value your relationship with the neighbours. A 2 stroke ridden "off the pipe" shouldn't make much noise, so try to be easy, and perhaps shut it off 100m before youre home and let it coast to rest of the way. A bad relationship with the neighbours will make your life a living hell!

    So try to lay low for a while, and talk to them individually when things has cooled a bit of. Ask them in a friendly way what the problem really is, and why each one of them havent said anything to you, wheen it seems to bother them so muc.

  • @Burridge Ah your so lucky to live where you live then haha! Well you'd expect it to be the oldies in the street complaining but these are all quite young-ish .. What's bugging me is the fact that the girl brought the other 2 neighbours into the issue for backup which is quite sad considering they where minding there own business at first then boom .

  • I plan on keeping the KTM in tomorrow and just using the dtr to get about town but I had this idea in my head about going to the neighbours doors individually and having another chat with them to see what can be done and using the voice recorder to record my attempt to resolve the problem incase this spirals out of control and I can have something on file😩! Been looking into alternative end cans and found this Uploads/image_zpsxco4kget.jpeg

    Seems it could be worth a try I think it's a DEP on there at the moment and I've been reading ways to wrap the expansion chamber to make it even more silent so these are routes I'll be investigating further as I don't want to live like this I hate confrontation at the best of times I'd rather just do my thing and not be bothered by these people .

  • @Biker_123 Your neighbours are full of BS and are just trying to scare you dude. Their problem is with your lifestyle and love for bikes, it is not with your zingy 2T, There are no laws which pertain directly to motor vehicles being excessively loud. I have had a similar problem in the past and did some research on it. There are noise abatement laws but they mostly refer to continuious noise levels and the time of day. You are safe between 7am - 11pm unless its a constant noise. Driving to and from your place of residence is not considered a noise pollution.

  • @Biker_123 Sorry I am reduced to a tablet here due to my PC dying, so I do not have full functionality! Basically the police are powerless unless its a constant noise pollution like loud music. All they can arrest you for is a breach of the peace or slap you with an ASBO. Councils on the other hand have a lot more power but they would have to build up a case against you and take you to court. If found guilty the fines are pretty high.

    Calum's advice is spot on, so you need to start building up a defence/case against the morons.

  • @Biker_123 Record everything and do not approach or engage your neighbours at this stage. You need to flip the script and make then into the bad guys, Buy a sticker that says "Smile your on CCTV" and put it above your garage, just to scare them off. You must inform them at the start of any engagement that they are being recorded or it is inadmissable in court. Monitor their lifestyle and work on your bikes when you know that they are not at home. And do some research online, start here;

  • @CYBER-NINJA Good info mate 👍🏻 very helpful as usual! I will definitely be taking this info on board along with everything else and I'll have a little read at that link and see what I can learn .. I'll keep this updated if anything else occurs over the weekend!! Leaving the KTM alone tomorrow I'll use the dtr for the commute and see what happens when I return home - These mofo neighbours better stay well away from me on Saturday as I have someone from England coming up to collect the dtr SM and theres no way the buyer won't want to hear it all running so I'm freaking out incase it erupts into a scene of me vs the neighbours again😂

  • @Biker_123 I would suggest a test ride with the buyer following you, if thats agreeable to you of course? If not then play it by ear, if they come out then record everything and watch every word you say, Simply ignoring them whilst videoing them works well. Use your phone if you have nowt else. I think the noise pollution has to be 92 decibels or over for a continuous period of 20 mins or more? So you should be OK Remember if they step onto your property they are trespassing and you are legally entitled to use reasonable force to evict them. Warn them of that and gently move them off but that may escalate things so be wise. ;O)

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