• Hi guys. New to this forum. Can anybody share any light on my tdr? I picked it up the other week pretty cheap and was wondering if it is the balgarda model. It's 1994 with full years mot and only done about 15000 miles. Paint work not 100% and left indicators don't work also electric start plays up. With that in mind do you know how much she's worth.0_1473064953330_Screenshot_20160824-120821.png

  • @tdr125 Hiya, I believe that Nev's comments on the FB group were correct about this bike. There should be a stamp on the engine with either the mark 3SH or 4FU on the engine block somewhere? As Nev also said "the Belgarda never came with the 3 spoke alloys but stainless spoked wheels", but they may have been swapped by a previous owner? So that's not really a definate indicator. The V5 should have it's true identity listed on it for-sure.

    One of the more knowledgable guys on here will most likely have more info on where to look etc.

    Welcome anyways. 😉

  • Hi ninja. Cheers for the info. I won't have the v5 for a couple more weeks as previous owner has sent it off to dvla hopefully. I'm not sure if the wheels have been swapped over either. Did they not make to versions of bike? One with spoke wheels and one with mag wheels. Do you have a picture of where about it will say the letters on the engine?

  • @tdr125 I've never owned a TDR so I would not be able to say exactly where the stamp is? Try looking around where the gearbox oil filler cap is on the engine block, under the exhaust.@MIGHTYMAN own's a TDR so he may know? If not either @Calum or @Darty will most likely know, as there the three resident guru's on here!!! LOL 😉

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    These engines are pretty much identical so will be the same as on the DTs. The magical numbers you are looking for should be on the left hand side of the cylinder, just above the flywheel / stator cover.

  • Ok thanks mate. Is there anywhere online I can check the history of my bike before it was imported? Just curious as to where it came from.

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    I don't know of any services like that, but expect you would have to pay if you found one. Although it may be a bit long-winded, you could send a letter to the DVLA and NOVA requesting info. It's only the cost of a couple of stamps then 😂.

    Always worth checking previous MOT history in the UK though, might find some info about how the bike was treated by the previous owner. https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history

  • Cool bikes, they are a bit enigmatic.

    Provided the crankcases are original ones, you will find a Model code followed by the Engine number stamped on a flat face along the centre line, adjacent to the carburettor.

    Believe Belgarda's were 3SH-1 or 3XE-2? - Model types and it was the 3XE that came with 3spokes I believe.. not sure on these.

    The cylinder might not be conclusive if it's a just a 3MB-00 or 4FL- it's been changed.

    Credit to Scrim, he knows things

    ****The 3 4DL TZR,s the 4DL1 2 & 3 the 3 being the RR all use different cylinders, the 4DL1 uses the "P" cylinder part number 3SH
    -E1311-00-00 the 2 uses "P" cylinder 4DL-WE311-10-00 the 3 the RR uses 3SH-E1311-00-00.

    The TDRR,s 3SH1 & 3XE2 spoke wheel and alloy wheel both use the "P" cylinder 3SH-E1311-00-00 the same as the RR TZR, as for the carbs the TDR,s both use 28 mm Dellorto with DT125R airbox and one off inlet and airbox to carb rubbers.

    The powervalves have no markings as they are matched one offs to the cylinder exhaust ports running with pre 96 spec full power cdi units

    "All the Italian bikes are full power version even the standard DT125R was 21 bhp, the Double R,s with 3SH "P" cylinders make way more than the standard bikes but ive yet to find a conclusive power output. What I can say is the RR TDR that I used to have was way faster than a DT125R.****

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    @Darty Silly me I was talking about just the cylinder numbers..

  • I will have a look at the engine tomorrow for the letters. The bike was first registered here in 2005 and the first mot registered with the dvla was in 2011 and has been motd every year since. It's first mot here in 2011 shown there was only 18000 K on the clock and it's now sitting at 24000 K so bike hasn't been used that much in the last 5 years. How much do you reckon the bike is worth? I only paid £750 for it two weeks ago with full years mot. It's not 100% needs paint touched up, left indicators fixed and electric start plays up but it has kick start

  • @tdr125

    Saw a really nice 3SH French One go for £1550, it was very original, low mileage.

    It's hard to say what it's worth, but £1100-1250ish seems about there with touch ups in a sound condition.

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    @tdr125 Electric start is definitely something that is worth fixing if your planning on selling it on. Shouldn't be anything more than the motor itself which aren't too bad price wise, if you can find one.

  • That price is fine with me. Yeah it just clicks when you push the button. Battery is fully charged. How do I go about taking it off the engine. Do have have to take it off from behind the fly wheel cover.

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    Yeah to access the three bolts, I'm pretty sure you have remove the flywheel cover and the flywheel itself so bit of a pain.

  • Ok thanks for the help mate. I will look at it tomorrow. Hopefully it can be fixed as there is only 1 on eBay and they asking £170 for it

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    Yeah they go for silly prices on eBay as there is so few about. You want to find somebody breaking a DT to get one a lot cheaper. Try the DT FB pages as there is usually one or two people breaking bikes on there. There are also a few bikes that share the same starter motor and are a lot more common. Can't recall what bikes exactly. I think I bought mine from somebody breaking a Derbi.

  • In terms of what starter motor you can use.

    You have a lot to chose from. From the tzr, dtre and tdr to even starter motors from completely different bikes. Derbi gpr 125 sachs 125 and possibly ktm lc2 . They all ran dtr engines. The starter motor simply clips onto the relay so there shouldn't be any plugs that need swapping.

  • You could have it refurbed maybe ? Just a thought

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    My derbi one had a different plug to my TDR so it is possible it will need changing.. But it's very little work either way.