Project SMX [Pic Heavy]

  • Hy Mec - How you doinggg???




    She took a bit of setting up and after several bleed's, a full strip down and rebuild of the slave cylinder I have finally got her working. I can't wait to test her out for real, but first impressions is that the clutch is buttery smooth to operate!!! 😁 😜 😁

    I had to modify the clutch arm to follow the curve on the clutch case, as the arm would not pull the clutch cam lever properly otherwise and it also stopped the cam lever from retracting back as well;


    I re-used the OEM clutch cable and cut off the end, as it has a rather nice double oil seal on it. Plus it moves the slave cylinder away from the clutch case, thus providing room for the oil pipes to neatly tuck behind it. I also cut a piece off the plastic protection sleeve and used that to join the slave cylinder to the old clutch cable. I also found a U shaped bracket I had lying around which was nearly a perfect fit to secure the slave cylinder. I just used a longer bolt and added some washers to keep it all secure.




    After some adjustments I was able to get her working really well, I will only know for-sure once the engine is running and I can test the gear shifting out properly, as the Rotax engine does not seem to like shifting up and down the gears without the engine running. As I had some problems with the grip shift mechanism sticking whilst testing the Hymec. So I had to remove the clutch case and strip the grip shift down, to clean it all up, re-grease it all and reassemble it to stop it sticking. But after much fannying around and tweaking she seems really solid now, but the true test will be with a running engine, so it's TBC..................

  • The angled inlet manifold for the 34mm Dellorto carb finally arrived, 3 weeks from Italy via the Donkey express!!!


    It's designed to fit the stock reed block, so some mods were called for. Once I had cut off the reed flange, I set about port matching it as best I could to the new Italkit Carbon reed block;




    She's not perfect, but it is lovely and smooth, I feel that it turned out pretty good, so she's all ready for fitting now, along with that shiny 34mm Dellorto carb I purchased some months ago.
    😁 😁 😁


  • yeah that's looking sweet bud!

  • @NINJA loving the attention to detail! Good work!

  • @Louis-James Thanks man, I'm just following in your footsteps!!! 😁 😉 😆 😜 😁

  • @NINJA easy to get carried away but feels good knowing everything is 100%

  • @Louis-James Peace_of_mind is a wonderful thing for-sure!!! 😁 😎 🤗 😍

  • WOOP WOOP - The airbox upgrades have arrived;


  • @NINJA said in Project SMX [Pic Heavy]:

    WOOP WOOP - The airbox upgrades have arrived;


    Fun times... Everyone loves the postman bringing new bits 😁

  • Air box upgrades are installed and I test fitted the box, here's the before and after pics;








    Hopefully that will help suck in a bit more air along with the larger 34mm carb of course!!!
    😁 😆 😁

  • That's a wrap!!! 😁😎😁🏍💨



  • The 34mm Dellorto carb is fitted and I also fitted those other parts back on too, she's coming together nicely now;




    I added the Tail tidy and wired her up, I need to order some new indicators as the one's I have look to big IMO;


    And I test fitted a few parts as I was dying to see how she was coming along;


  • It's always very satisfying at this stage 🙂

    Good work!

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