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  • Halloha, My name is Timo (from Belgium) and I have a DT 125 r from 2001. I bought this beauty a year ago. This is my first 2 stroke and i just love the power. The first bike i bought was a Honda xr 125 and I sold that bike after a year. The difference in power is just amazing!!
    I want to adjust some small things (jets/air intake and reeds) on my bike and I am looking forward on learning.

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    Hi there welcome!

    Bike looks lovely, although what was someone doing eith that rear fender!

    Yeah they are okay for power, I suppose a bit of an upgrade from the xr though.

    Yeah there are a faor few mods you can get your hands on to make it even nippier.

  • Thanks Master Calum! The previous owner drilled holes in the rear fender to add a custom made rear light. I didn't like it (was to big) and bought a new one.
    He also welded his own mudguard / license plate holder. Witch I also removed. The bike looks like this now 😉

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    It looks like the previous owner tried to make the rear fender look like the newer models of DT.

  • @timo1982 Sweet ride, welcome to the club dude!!! 🙂

  • @ Mightyman... You said it right, he tried 😉
    @ Cyber Ninja ... Thanks Man!!

  • Welcome friend!

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    @Calum you didn't notice! Someone has done it again and been uploading pics directly onto the site! 😂

    @timo1982 use an image hosting site like imgur.com to get your pictures on here.

  • Welcome, fellow 2001' 'Deep Purplish Metallic' 3RMJ. - Legit that is Yamaha's Tank colour description!?

    Tidy bike man.

  • @ Minia.. Thanks Friend!
    @Mightyman... My bad.. I'll try to use the imgr.com
    @Darty Thanks man! I just love that Deep purplish metallic 😉


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