• DT 125 RE 2006
    Registration: YJ05 BKF

    Full DEP system, L plate on front only. standard wheels with road tyres. Pretty beat up looking. Red renthal bars with an odd black stain on the foam guard.

    Girlfriend's YZF R125, 2009, CA09 FPE
    Scorpion exhaust and scorpion sticker on the front fairing. Also some cracked and broken lower fairings under the bike and L plate on rear only.
    alt text

    Both stolen from hammersmith W6 last night, but could be anywhere.
    Probably both already in pieces on Ebay by now, but please do keep an eye out in-case some kids are dumb enough to be riding them.

    Don't worry, I won't hurt them... much.

  • @Uber_Beluga Sorry for your loss, did the scumbags steal them out of your garage???

  • They were in a locked garden chained to a fence with streering and disk locks. There is a bridge next to the garden so people can see in easily.

    Cut the gate lock,
    Cut the chains,
    they took everything, covers, locks, chains... all gone. They knew what they were doing.

    Police aren't very positive, so hopefully someone sees something.

    I've spent a year getting the DT to be the perfect bike for me. Weekend after weekend of oily messy hands and someone just takes it all away from me.

    Time for a new project I guess.

  • @Uber_Beluga You may be able to claim on the bike and house insurance???


    Only got 3rd party insurance.
    It's so expensive at low 20s and on CBT.

    No house insurance either, just renting.

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    Sad to hear another one is gone.. A friend of mine had his stolen about two weeks back from his rented uni house. He wasn't using it for the winter so didn't have insurance either. Didn't have his locked up quite as good as yours was however. Does make you think though, when these guys are after a bike, they really go all out. A loud alarm is the only true deterrent.

  • Aww man that's guttering!

    That's the worst when you have spent so much time and energy getting it the way you want too.

    Both lovely bikes!

    The worst part is that you two clearly have worked hard to get these bikes and for them to be stolen is an absolute joke.

    As bad as it is, at least you had the bike locked up. Other than that there is little you could have done.

  • this sickens me as so many bikes stolen every day a freind has his stolen few weeks back chained up in underground secure car park where he lives and police dont seem to be bothered as just another bike but where are they all going as so many being stolen every day somthing has to be done i feel like starting a vigilante group and smashing the hands with a sledge hammer sory guys for my rant but had bikes stolen before and is gutting as you work hard for what you got and someone comes

  • along and just takes it with out a care in the world and what inpact it will have on others

  • I can't comprehend the mentality behind it.That's someone's pride and joy. Something they've worked hard for. And it may not seem like much to an onlooker. But to them it's everything.

    The only sentiment I can understand is how pathetic their lives must be to have to steal from others. There is no victimless crime and just as one may pirate a song off the internet without remorse, that's how these guys steal bikes. It's second nature and they don't think twice about it.

  • So sorry to hear this. I've yet to have a motorbike stolen but a friend had an XT660Z with ALL the extras on it, stolen. Police suggested that many targeted bike thefts are by gangs who take them straight across the channel and into europe.

    I really wouldnt hold out much hope for getting them back but obviously im sure everyone will keep an eye out/ ear to the ground.

    Obviously it doesn't help now but all you can do is take away what you can from it for the future. I'm sure it feels like you dont want another bike but at some point you will and at that point:

    -Do all you can to keep the bike inside and out of view.
    -Get fully comp insurance
    -Get CCTV or even dummy ones pointed at the bike.
    -Use ground anchors, a certified chain and lock and keep both off the floor ( most of the time they use a sledge hammer and a chisel to whack straigh through the lock. If you can keep it off the floor it becomes very difficult and requires cutting discs which is too slow)
    -The basic idea is to slow them down, if it looks too difficult they wont try.

  • Damn bastards, always a pain to see these things happen. When I had my DTs MOTed the guy told me I better keep them in a garage or in my kitchen! He gave them a week before they got stolen which thankfully hasn't happened yet. But these bikes are popular after all, easy to nick and sell off. Shame you only have 3rd party insurance.

    I remember getting my PW80 stolen, was moving house for a second time and so had the same guys moving me so I acted a bit too friendly. Told them a few stories about the bike, let them have a go on it and stupidly told them I'd be on holiday the following week. Come back to find my cellar door open and only the bike missing even though there were other valuables like tools and other equipment.

    Well anyway, I'll keep a lookout online. Good thing you drop this on us, hopefully we can find something you never know 🙂

  • Found this earlier today, thought it looked a lot like your bike despite a few minor differences.


  • Hi mate, I have found your girlfriends bike, please call me 07833 091415. I have reported it to the police.

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    @ninja1 Wow! How did you come across it? I bet after all this time @Uber_Beluga probably thought there was no chance of recovering either of the bikes.

  • @Minia said in Stolen - please keep eye out:

    Found this earlier today, thought it looked a lot like your bike despite a few minor differences.


    @ninja1 said in Stolen - please keep eye out:

    Hi mate, I have found your girlfriends bike, please call me 07833 091415. I have reported it to the police.

    Great job lads - well done!!! 🙂

  • @ninja1 Excellent work! Well done. Keep us posted, I'm curious to know what happens 🙂

    @CYBER-NINJA Good to hear, have you gotten your DT back? Or is that still missing? Either way, at least you're getting one bike back!

    It's good to see some magic can happen even after time has passed!

  • @Uber_Beluga I hope u find them mate a lot of friends I know have had this happen even though there bikes were secured really well. Good luck

  • @Minia Mine wasn't stolen dude. 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA Woops, wrong person. ahaha