lights diming when brake aplied

  • me again have noticed my headlight is dimming to nearly out when riding home tonight when pressing the brake be it front or rear check conections when i got back and all seem clean is this normal as i have not noticed it before was the same on main and dipped or do you thik the battery is at fault

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    @britshgigolo Could be a sign the battery is on it's way out I suppose... But the generators on these bikes don't output very much at low revs so a few bulbs going at once is usually enough to dim one or more of them from drawing too much current. My TDR gets to the point that, if the engine is cold, it struggles to idle with my headlights on 😂

  • yer i know they normaly did down when ticking over but this was like the headlight had gone out that was on main beam and it only seems like it the breaks causing it but will test tomorrow with indicators and test the voltage on the battery in the morning before starting out

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    @britshgigolo you replaced any bulbs with LEDs?

  • no all standard just uprated the headlight bulb to a 60w as was not very good as it was down the dark lanes

  • When riding, the generator should output sufficient power not to dim lights, at tick over on the R yes can have an effect. Not as powerful as the X and RE.

    If it's happening whilst riding then I will say genny isn't working, check a voltmeter over the batter terminals on idle. Should display 14.2v ish. And what's it with the engine off. Should be 12V. Could also be rectifier. Measure the impedance of the rectifier.

  • ok ty calum not been feeling good today so not had chance to check anything but as soon as i got some figures will let you know

  • Best bet is to dig out your multimetre, start the bike and check to see that everything is doing what it is supposed todo. Begin with the battery and just eliminate everything until you've got your answer. The chances are that the bulb you've got installed is so massive its drawing a huge amount of current, hence the dimming of the other light! 🙂

  • ty goprokids but its the headlight that is dimming when brakes are aplied and all other bulbs are standard still not been well enough to have a look hoping i will feel beter tomorow but will keep you all up to date how i get on

  • Right tested battery this morning after been sitting for two days and got 11.96 and with engine running got 14.58

  • So the generator works. Whats the voltage when the brakes applied.

    Sounds like there is some excessive load on the genny when the brakes are applied. This could be due to some resistive load. Best check the headlamp connections.

  • right had some spare time today and checked all conection and cleaned all conections but still have the same problem but have noticed the higher the revs the worst the problem is so at full brightness high revs the bulb dips more tryed standard bulb back in and it sill doing this not sure what to check now so any help would be good even ran another earth but this still did not help

  • @britshgigolo Check the rectifier.

  • @Calum ty calum for the quickresponce as always is there a way to test them or is it just get a new one got multi meter

  • @britshgigolo Check the impedance across it.

    In theory it should just be a bunch of diodes so continuity should give an idea.

  • @Calum hi mate been a hectic week so have not had any time to check the rectifier so ordered a new one and new battery as it just quicker to replace them have been offered another stator but not sure what one mine has as when looking up seem to be diffrent types i assume for diffrent years would you know if the 2001 dtr is the one with the 3 pulse coils as thats the type i can get hold of and thinking to get it just incase as i know you can replace the 3 pulse coils separately so thinking good as spares incase it is at fault i would check whats fitted but waiting on the flywheel puller to turn up to as did not have one

  • Right finally got time to test the stator and I'm getting higher reading then what the Haynes manual says I think I'm testing it right pics to show
    So I'm getting 813 from the stator and 274 from the pick up coil so from the Haynes it says pulser coil 280 to 420 and source coil 192 to 288 does this sound right any help would be great pics are to show how testing0_1486221475840_IMG_2222.JPG 0_1486221489437_IMG_2224.JPG 0_1486221496052_IMG_2223.JPG 0_1486221502564_IMG_2226.JPG 0_1486221508926_IMG_2225.JPG

  • can some one tell me if i have tested this right please have got another stator coming tomorrow as im sure its giving wrong reading acording to the haynes

  • well looks like i been a dick as did not read the amendments at the back of the haynes for the newer type stator so turns out that mine was ok all along well got a spare now for a rainy day

  • @britshgigolo Nice one bud, thanks for updating us. Makes it useful to anyone else having similar problems.

    Continuing reporting back to us as you find out more information.

    Again I suggest applying the brakes and reading the voltage drop across the battery.

    You can get SMD bulbs to go in for the brake and side lights. This may help reduce the load from like 15w bulb to 1w. May help.

    I run SMD lights.