Causes of seriously stiff clutch?

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    My TDR clutch requires so much effort to pull in, there has got to be something up with it. I even swapped the cable out for a hydraulic line and ran that for a few weeks and no difference. The springs I put in there were EBC heavy duty ones I bought from PJME when I gave it the rebuild well over a year ago now. I thought at first they were stiff because they were new but they haven't freed up at all. Are these springs the sole cause do you reckon? Could I have over tightened them? Doesn't seem like that would make a difference but not much else I could see being the cause. Ball bearing and push rods were replaced when I did the rebuild as well. Just changed my oil and still not seen a difference.

  • @Mightyman mate same here with heavy duty EBC springs and new plates. It drags all over the gears but as soon as the bike warms up its all good. Everytime the bike stands for longer time it feels really hard. Thought that was an issue but mate told me its pretty normal.

  • Pretty sure if you're running EBC stiff springs then that's what you can expect.

    You only need to be running stiffer springs if you're running more power and find that it is slipping. If you buy a longer lever it'll make your life a little bit easier.

  • I have a EBC Heavy duty clutch package, it's a slightly stiffer feel, actually makes it easier to modulate with a faster spring return, so you can ram some quicker gear changes I noticed.

    Try lubricating the Clutch arm off the crankcase,

    My DT has never had a light clutch like others, I have never managed to improve it.

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    I will be changing back to the no doubt 5 - 10 year old springs then this weekend! Bought the bike as a non-runner so not sure what it was like before but only chucked in the EBC springs because I naively thought the 'heavy duty' label must mean they'll last me years longer than the stock ones... 😑

    I'll also thoroughly lube up that arm needle bearing just in case. Cheers guys.

  • The cover that sits on top of all the clutchplates (where the clutchsprings mount), needs to sit in one destinct location. It will fit all others, but with movement from side to side, this can make the clutch very stiff.

    Picture from my xt600

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    @Jens-Eskildsen ah yeah I had that problem when I originally put the engine back together, but that was corrected 👍