• so i have never really previously pulled wheelies purposeley on my 51 plate dt125r, reasoning is because i cant afford to fix it if i mess it up also need it as a commuter, accidentally popped it up as pulling away and since have been doing a few on purpose, cant keep it up for long but enough to get a buzz, it wont wheelie at all in any other gear than 1st and i have to be pretty much stationary to do so and revs at tic over, iv got a big one full pipe, the reed switch is still in the clock, i dont want to derestrict it to much as i want it to last, however would pinning my YPVS open have any effect on it as at the minute the servo is working although im not quiet sure which way of 180 degrees it is turned at, any advice would be appreciated, i am new to forum so apologies if i have not put this topic in the right place.

  • if you pin the power valve you will have no bottom to low end pull just top end pull and need to rev and slip the clutch to pull away where as with the power valve servo and working it will pull at all ranges if you remove the reed switch it will help with top end dont think it makes much diffrence on pull away as the power valve open at 6000 revs

  • thanks bud i just remember when i first had it after i bought it bout 4 year ago and matey had it pinned open but dont know which way round 180 the power valve was pinned it had a stock expansion chamber and a aftermarket end can with baffles removed although he had purposely dented and crushed parts of the pipe leading from the chamber to the end can it pulled like a beast, although i was only 19 then and now i weigh a good 40 kilos extra , and i do realise its not a MX bike but surely i should be able to pop it up in 2nd or 3rd ? cant seem to get to do it.

  • if you take exhaust off you can see the power valve and feel it its at the top turn on the ignition and let it do its cleaning cycle and it should rest fully open so when you slide you finger into the exhaust opening it should be flush and smoove at the top if not you need to ajust the cables till it is and then you check again buy turning off ingition and back on so it does cleaning cycle again till it right if that makes sence

  • @britshgigolo yeah i will one day im happy with the bike its decent and fast enough i just want to be able to pop a wheelie in a higher gear, i realise it is not a MX bike though but should still be possible.

  • with power valve set up right you will feel the diffrence and with a few more revs it will pop up as when it hits 6000 revs the power valve will be fully open so make sure power valve is set right and plenty of revs it will come up no problems

  • thankyou, pv servo working or pinned open ? sorry bit of a noob

  • Removed baffles? it isn't a four stroke mate you need solid back pressure as to allow the supersonic sound wave to pressurise appropriately to allow the forced induction to operate.

  • i dunno mate but it was alot faster than it is now acceleration wise. like i said no expert im a noob, i can only theorise that the dents he put in the pipe were to compensate for the baffles being removed.

  • you want it working and not pinned just make sure it flush you can try sitting further back on the seat to as that will help but as i said with it set right you will see the diffrence mine comes up from pull away and im 16 stone and tops out at 85 on the clock so im sure yours should do the same if running and set up right

  • appreciated

  • @britshgigolo do you have your reed switch removed ? and what exhaust pipe have u got on it ?

  • Deps supposed to be better than big one

  • yes reed switch is taped up under the clocks out the way and it got standard exhaust on front derestricked and dep silencer

  • @vtrn_raptor i have a dep pipe just havent fitted it and stil havent fitted my 240 jet either

  • @britshgigolo nice one i may have to fit my dep its sat there i just havent bothered fitting it

  • im sure yours is 2001 same as mine it should have a 240 main jet as standard and mine is in use every day for work same as yours i change oil and plugss once a month and all has been fine

  • you will notice the diffrence once dep is fitted too

  • @britshgigolo my dad is adimant i wont i think hes wrong though i just think he may be trying to keep me at a low as speed as possible

  • Your not going to find much extra power, get her jetted nice first,

    Raise the rear the ride height,, and gear it down (bigger sprockets) will help dramatically!

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