• well hi my names terry got a dt 125r month ago not in the best shape as normal i suppose been looking around on here since then thought its about time i stopped stalking and start participating il put some pics up in about 20min or so its my second bike so im kind of new to bikes first being aprilia rs 125 looking forward to getting this one on the road now and have some more good times pease out till i taken some photos

  • Hello and welcome.

    Nice choice of bikes to own!

  • haha ye i think so too don't think i could or would have picked better but i suppose that's each to their own il put a pic of rs up to why not

  • DT 125 R0_1493991893069_20170413_133807.jpg

  • RS 125R FP

    0_1493992130614_aprilia rs125r.jpg

  • Yeah sick mate.

    Very nice.

  • Welcome aboard! Nice looking bikes there 🙂

  • welcome aboard @terry-tz

  • @terry.tz Welcome - Aad a pair of nice bikes you have their dude, clean up the DT and she'll soon look mint!!! 😉

  • thanks everyone ye am hoping the DT scrubs up good will take some time not got pockets full of notes not even penny's but she'll get there @CYBER-NINJA wish i could say it was a pair unfortunately that bike was stolen 😢 would definatly have another tho

  • @terry.tz hello hey don't mean to be nosey but how much did you pay for the dt does it run good I paid 900 for mine and lost compression before I rode it

  • hahaha i payed £££ was sweet till i got home pinned the valve and went blasting about now rings gone but tbh i don't thing compression is a thing to be bothered about its a 2 stroke so it needs a top end at some point at least you will know the condition of the engine before you start tarting it up if you know what i mean correct me if I'm wrong here guys but i think the money is really on that bottom end and how many monkeys with spanners have been at it

  • i paid more than i should of though i think to but i didn't care i showed up look to see if it could ride give him money no bargaining and left on the bike i wanted a DT

  • hahaha sometimes i leave my brain cells at home 😀

  • I know the feeling hahah mines had 600 spent on the bottom end 2 yrs ago so it's still mint I've got the receipts it's a 1990 so it's had a fair few bodges but nothing Nasty frames solid no dents or distortions

  • These bikes are appreciating classics. It's a sound investment to make.

    A rebuild two years ago on a smoker can doesn't necessarily make the engine particularly fresh. Depending on its tune or how its been looked sfter it could need a rebuild.

  • @Calum it was a new crank shaft and some other stuff Athena parts were used i believe? I know it said Athena on there somewhere but yes I know what you mean I haven't ridden it yet still waiting for the piston and bore but the gears are smooth and the crank is smooth and has normal play

  • @declan Yeah if you have checked all the tolerances then that's good. No up or down movement a fraction of side to side movement.

    Just make sure you gently skim the barrel and head and use either genuine or athena head gaskets on reassembly then it should be problem free. Also make sure the piston ring end gap is spot on. Any modifications to the rings then ensure you chamfer the butts.
    Obviously ensure the piston is faced the correct way.

    The other thing on these engines is the powervalve. If you are boring out the cylinder, then ensure the powervalve has been modified appropriately so that it doesn't foul the piston.

  • @Calum I only recently realised this was an issue but I sent it away full assembled the pv that is so hopefully they skim that for me