• How easy is it to Change crank seals as would appear my oil seal has gone

  • A doddle.

    People have done it in situe but i would always recommend splitting the cases

  • I don't have the tools or time to split the case unfortunately but I'll give it a go without

  • @vtrn_raptor The problem is, if you do it wrong, score the crank or the housing, then it's going to weep regardless of a new seal.

    I can never understand why people won't just spend the measily couple of hours it takes to split the case. It really doesn't take that long.

  • @calum I remember when I was rebuilding first time I was hesitating but tried and it was the best thing as Im learned a lot from my bike and now I can put the engine apart in couple hours.
    @vtrn_raptor you can do it with really basic tools but you will need a flywheel puller and clutch holder to begin with , I definitely wouldnt change the seals withouth removing the crankshaft as you risk damaging it and it will damage the new seals in no time... its also good to have a set of new bolts , set of gaskets , good quality instant gasket 🙂

  • Haynes manual tells you how to make a crank pusher / puller so you can re-use your existing crank without having it rebuilt (assuming its ok that is).

    Personal preference would be to strip it down