• Stripped the 88 bike down and removed inlet rubber in preparation for new one, compared to 89 inlet rubber and there are differences. The 88 is marked 3bn and the 89 3et, the inlet to reeds is different as is the length on top of the inlet from bottle stub to carb mount, have not tried in situ but waiting for new one to arrive, is one inlet wrong or natural progression, and are there different carb to Air box rubbers? Carb is very tight fit with 3bn inlet and 3et looks shorter, both bottles the same.
    Having difficulties uploading pics but will keep trying.

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  • Is it to accommodate the additional boost bottle / intake silencer on the later models? Did this addition make the airbox to carb rubber longer??

  • If you're having problems uploading to the forum, just create an Imgur account and load it directly to them. As said before, I would suspect my interenet to be very suspect.

  • Checked on csm l, part nos for 88 and 89 bikes differ, as does the joint between the air box and carb, no extra bottle and yet to see one? Can you post pics of it?
    Resized photos but still could not upload, said I did not have permission? New post uploaded at second attempt? Not worried, got there in the end, thanks Calum

  • Cmon boys... you should know this,

    88 3BN' inlet is for the VM26ss Mikuni, that was what the DT125R came out with,

    Later updated to 3ET, a 200R code, using the TM28ss Mikuni flatslide.

    The second YIES bottle towards the airbox wasn't introduced until 1999'

  • @darty that would explain it, I think mine had the flat side retro fitted and would have had the earlier carb to start with. Rubber joint to Air box later one and just the crankcase joint wrong one. Have the 3et from the 89 bike so I am going to fit that for now and reorder, thanks for the advice, now you have pointed it out it's clear. Appreciated, consider me told!

  • @darty Yeah I was going to put this, but didn't they run the VM26 up until like 96 or something.

  • @calum Nope, pretty much one year in Europe from 1988'.

    But JDM 125R's or (3FW's) came with the VM26 up to what looks to be the mid 1990s.

    Maybe for emissions or something.

  • All fitted,just as well, UPS never turned up with the new one from csm l, then sent email saying I was not in when delivery attempted at 4.59. Bulls##t! I was working on bike right by front door! Long story short coming Saturday after phone argument, driver tried to deliver to no 5, I live at no 9. Every fk'd up delivery I get is UPS, even their app is garbage. Bike starts and runs fine, a lot easier to fit carb as well with the correct inlet.

  • I have '88 3BN and it was equipped with VM28SS carb. Even user manual can proof that.

  • @jgr72 I’ve just discovered I have the 3et inlet with the vm28 carb I believe is this not the correct set up?

  • That is the correct set, I had the flatside carb with the 3bn inlet meant for the first edition carb, hard to fit carb

  • @oldman since you have stripped these bikes down a lot can you help me out with figuring out a connector I can’t find where it should go to I’ll creat a post thanks

  • @declan will have a look and help if I can, sure

  • @oldman what’s the little black link pipe do on the 28 bud mine had a cut in it what issues could that cause it’s now replaced just wondering

  • The link pipe on the carb is to do with the power jet, just don't ask me what it does!

  • @oldman ohh okay

  • @oldman Power Jets are awesome.

    Basically when the bike is at a decent load but not accelerating, it soesn't need to use all of the main jet as that is too much fuel, the power jet instead takes over which uses slightly less fuel and has a leaner mixture.

    They are not there on all carbs.

  • Slightly of topic but the same part of the engine, is the gasket on the inlet a rubber one? There’s a rubber one on mine and it has an air leak, I remember on my other engine it was the cereal box type