Dt170 vs ktm exc 125

  • Who will win? Acceleration and top speed race. A well tuned dtx Athena 170 with performance exhaust(stock carb) vs the ktm exc 125 full power?

  • @irongamer727 My money would be on the DTX for-sure.

  • EXC.

    They're 33Bhp plus, in the right hands that's going to beat a measily DTX.

  • @calum WOW! I did not know that the EXC was that powerful at all. πŸ‘€

    I'm guessing that the specs listed are for the 15hp restricted versions then ???

  • What? No. KTM EXC are enduros. It would be like comparing WR200 to a dt125.

    The sx is a crosser, which the exc is practically the same jut different gearing.

    The engines are measured in hours not miles. About 40 hours to a rebuild. They are the ultimate 125.

  • @calum I am aware that they are enduro bikes, I looked up the specs after I saw your comment and that they are all listed at 15Hp;

    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ktm/ktm_125_exc 09.htm

    So hence why I asked if the ones listed are restricted bikes at 15Hp and de-restricted aka full power bikes are the 33BHP you stated ???

  • @ninja Ah ryt, no they most certain are not 15 bhp lmao.

  • @calum yes lol don’t know where they get there info but uno lol

  • Yeah, they are around the 35 BHP mark. They are totally savage.

    So I would expect the DT would have more torque with the extra cc's.

    But It won't matter once the EXC gets going it's just going to decimate the DT. It's everything, it's 20kg lighter, it's virtually got no flywheel. It's a full bred race bike so everything is just better spec.

    Enjoy a comfortable ride pooting around on a reliable dt though.

    It's not all about power.

  • Ffs, anyone actually riden one??!

    EXC. Win.

    Sooo much faster !

  • @calum AAAHHH right race bike, a bit like the MX/RS Rotax engined bikes? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    The lighter weight would make a big difference, but only if the riders body weights was evenly matched. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a full power DT was 28BHP, is that not correct ???

    Wouldn't the extra torque give it more grunt aka pulling power at higher RPM's tho ???

  • @darty LOL πŸ˜†

    As @Calum stated "About 40 hours to a rebuild", man that would make it a weekend rider only for-sure !!!

  • @ninja The DT is no where near that. 15 BHP Stock. And as our dear friend from overseas found out, a highly strung Belgarda made 24-25bhp on the dyno quite recently.

    The MX/RS engines...yes and no.

    Yes, they are Rotax 122 Go Kart Engines. But they are detuned for the Road. But Aprilia sell GP kits to bolt on and make them full power. But they are far from it stock. Around the 26bhp mark from new.

  • @calum surely a destricted Dt with stock exhaust will have around 20 bhp. I think with the Athena and performance exhaust your looking at roughly 30 bhp.

  • @irongamer727 No, nowhere near 30 bhp.

    Those Athena kits are poor. Two strokes work best with square engines. Throwing a big bore on it just makes it overly square, same thing with the old dt mx 125 175, practically same engine, bigger bores.

    So what do you get. Well you lose over rev for starters. You lose the ability to obtain high peaky power. Instead you exchange that tor torque, as I already said, it will probably have more torque.

    But it's not enough. In race engines, torque is only good on slow twisty tracks.

    Once the engine is spun up, the inertia is going to help move it along. With the KTM, sure it'll lack low down grunt, but who races at 6k on a two stroke. No the engine will be maxxed out to 14k and will decimate the dt.

    I'm not saying torque isn't important, as it most definitely is. The exc doesn't lack torque. But the extra torque gained from the Athena won't help it beat an EXC. You will just have to ride one to really understand.

  • exc will win without a doubt, the DT might be faster off the line with the extra torque but it is also much heavier, I can't honestly tell which would be faster. However it's only a matter of a few seconds before that top end power kicks in and pushes the exc well past the DT. An exc is a 2-stroke enduro bike, it has weight and power on its side. Anyone who's ever ridden a 125 enduro bike should know the exc will kick the DTs arse.

  • with a 170 kit on it could you not put a smaller sprocket on it for more top end then it would match the exc I mean I feel that it would be a waste but the 170 is a waste, to begin with in my opinion

  • I guess it's a choice between max power or daily rider? Weekend Warrior or Steady Eddy??? LOL πŸ˜‰

  • Im pretty sure the excs are restricted for emmissions, I belive the dealer adds another exhaust at purchase.

  • @jens-eskildsen Again, it's an Enduro, they are not made for road use. So why woud they be restricted for emmisions. You may be riht. But I don't think they are.

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