Anyone got a Dt running better than this?

  • @calum what setup are you running?

  • @irongamer727 TZR Belgarda RR Barrel and Head ported by Mick Abbey and the squish band improved for peak power. The compression ratio has been increased and a forged domed piston placed along side a lighter forged connecting rod. TZR RR Belgarda Dellorto VHSA Carb with a hand crafted underslung pipe with a carbon fibre end can for pure performance. Also running RAM air pod filter to maximise air intake. The ignition system has been completely swapped out for a custom ignition system provided by Zeeltronic, the map has then been fine tuned to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

    That combined with lighter components, supermoto wheels and the removal of any unnecessary weight.

    So it's not just a slapped on Athena kit and a slightly sped up video.

    2 Strokes DO NOT LIKE over square engines. Optimum two strokes work where the bore size matches the stroke. Increasing the bore will greatly reduce potential peak power, but naturally increases torque. It won't be enough to save it though, once my bike comes on full song, with a full 20k RPM limiter, and peak power shifted to around the 13k line, that DT won't stand a chance.

  • I not even gonna read all these posts it's fake as f!!k speedo reading wrong but as for speeding up no man I think that mine would look the same if I recorded and it's not modified really

  • PPPHHHHHHHTTTTTTTT!!! My electric scooter reads 200Kph, 225Kph if I squat down!!! 😆

  • Before I blew apart my Powervalve..., I was hitting 80mph in 5th gear with my DT134cc TZR4DL 3MB top end.

    Completely destroyed it, never got to max it out, but it was pulling at 90mph!

    alt text

  • I'm not doubting 100 mph out of DTRs and definitely not doubting it with a TDR TZR ect or being that quick there is better out there I'm doubting his speedo and his honesty on this video look at the difference in speeds and the speedo when slowing down for the car but I don't doubt 100mph mine gets 80 not modified running a bit worse for wear and wants to lift in 3rd gear so 20mph is not much to gain when the power is there not being used

  • If I see a DT do a genuine 100mph I'll buy a hat and eat it

  • @finnerz89 My brothers 2001 dt125 indicated 100 with full dep ram air 38mm carb 170 athena

    But yeah, wouldn't trust the dt speedo, and we only measured it with a '97.... Fiat Punto GT, so hardly trustworthy lol

    Indicated and actually doing it are two different kettles of fish.

  • @finnerz89 I don't no I think it could different gearing modified well wind behind you I only get 10k revs out of my bike and I get 80mph maybe 85 downhill 😆 , not modified ish, I think original piston and rings, chain and sprockets

  • @calum most speedos (cars included) read 10% over as I'm sure you know.
    I've seen plenty of claims about 100mph but I'm yet to see one with a GPS or genuine corrected speedo, hence my pessimism lol.
    I'd love to be proven wrong I just highly doubt it

  • @terry-tz I think you'll find that extra 15mph very hard to attain. Is that 80mph corrected or indicated?

  • @finnerz89 I don't no to be honest but I would say it is like il GPS it next time I go out so later then il put a reader on my phone now any apps you recommend

  • @terry-tz I've used a couple off the play store, they all seem to work alright

  • I must have the only dtr that's speedo under reads lol. I thought it felt quicker than speedo showed, checked speed at 30 with gps, showed actual speed was 33mph.

  • @dtr-nsr mine does that too

  • Lol mine never used to show much above 50, but I think that was because the speedo cable got ripped out when I came off once.
    Dead weird as you could be passing traffic on the dual carriageway at only 55mph

  • @finnerz89 said in Anyone got a Dt running better than this?:

    Lol mine never used to show much above 50, but I think that was because the speedo cable got ripped out when I came off once.
    Dead weird as you could be passing traffic on the dual carriageway at only 55mph

    That's how I 1st got my suspicions, flying by traffic on dual carriage way doing only 60-65. Like you say felt very weird!

  • sorry I didn't get back to this sooner I dropped the bike the night after this post and she has been running rich since I don't know why or maybe she just doesn't like the cold but even warmed up she not the same mind I have a pillion most of the time but she gets 75-76 with a pillion and I see that on the speedo, to be honest, she might under-read but only by a few mph

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