Dt125r 2000/2001 Not starting

  • Recently brough a french import dt125r with under 5k on the engine ... did start first kick for about a week.. now its dead i have no spark in both plugs and it sounds as if its been flooded even though the kill swich was on and the petrol and choke are always turned off when un attended i have brought this bike for 2400 and it is very clean any idears ..

  • You bought the bike mate. Not brought.

    Mileage on engines is irrelevant. Run a brand new engine with no oil and it'll soon fail.

    The mileage only indicates the total wear on the chassis, but even then it's misleading.

    Start simple, make sure you haven't blown a fuse, no lose connections, no corroded connections.

    Commonly you'll see the side stand switch either corrode or fail and thus will not spark. This can be wired out, although figuring out why it's failed and fixing it would be better.

    Sometimes it might be the coil, HT lead, plug. Or the ignition barrel. Or a short to earth.

    I've not had much experience of flooding these engines, not for lack of trying.

    Just kick it over with choke and no throttle and it should start.

    I'd recommend going over the electrical work first, trying to get a spark again as that's probably where the problem lies.

  • @jamesrandall93 when you say no spark in both plugs do you mean you have tried different plugs? If not id try another I had a plug fail in my dt it just stopped sparking

  • @declan no he's got a 2 cylinder Dt. 😉

  • @irongamer727 don’t we all lol

  • @declan i have tried 2 diffrent spark plugs thats what i mean i even had someone hold onto the end of the HT lead and kicked it over several times and they didnt even get a shock so im guessing its eaither the coil or ht lead ... the bike just sounds as if its flooded or running too rich as a week old plug was black before i tried two new ones stuck for idears or the no how looks like its going to have to go to the bike shop

  • Mate, it won't start if there is no spark. So stop going on about flooding when your issue at this moment in time is the spark.

  • Also check any safety interlocks (sidestand, neutral switch, etc) Cannot be anything too taxing,

  • Done what you said mate and she fired up 2nd kick but will not tick over in nuteral and dies and as soon as it reaches below 2000s revs the bike will cut out any suggestions

  • @jamesrandall93 sounds like your carb needs cleaning to me

  • @finnerz89 sorted it had to adjust the throttle screw so bike was idel at low revs to warm up ...

  • @jamesrandall93 what’s it idle at now?

  • The bike should be idling around 1500-2200 RPM's. If it's not, then there is something wrong. It's not a four stroke, it shouldn't be idling around the 1K mark.

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