Bike died load bang have compression but won't start

  • Started my bike up this morning on the way to felt like I had lost 5th gear and started to back fire pulled over check the bike to see if I could see anything missing.. carried on slowly not letting it hit the band.. went for another 3or so miles and it died.. I'm guessing it needs a rebuild does anyone know the cost if this?

  • Really you need to investigate what went wrong. Sounds more like an ignition fault than engine rebuild.

    But your description is so vague it really could be anything.

    Sounds like you need to investigate it properly.

    There are people on eBay rebuilding these engines for like £200, which is a pretty good price. Can't see the components being top quality. Wrong time of year to be having a £200 expense mind you.

  • @Calum was pulling up a steep hill after bike was warm then she started to struggle in 5th pulled over in a garage turned her off and has a check for oil water and check the temp gage which were all fine... carried on for another 3 or so miles and as I was comming off a slip road and went down through the gear the bike completely cut out and wouldn't start I have compression I have fuel and 2t tank is full ... when I tried to kick her over again it backfired so I decided to just push her

  • Check the triangle first before asking .... check the plug and spark and ht lead .... check for contamination in fuel although unlikely.... but as Callum so rightly suggested if it was poping or backfiring it sounds like an ignition fault or a stator fault ...

  • @stinkwheeler Happens more so when the engine is under load. Going up hill and accelerating both indicating this.

  • When you say it has compression is that with a gauge or just thumb over plug hole? A mates bike had very similar symptoms, could feel compression with your thumb, gauge only showed 25psi though. On taking barrel off piston rings were in pieces and barrel heavily scored. Amazed it even had 25psi!

  • @jamesrandall93 I’d like to bet a fouled plug the bikes act weird before the plug goes either that or the carb is a miss, but that description is pretty vague like Calum said, was it raining or wet? When you say you felt like 5th had gone how so? Was the bike easy to start back up after the garage stop?

  • @declan Started first kick at the garage stop carried on a died was pulling back.through the gears and acting biggy not a fouled plug as it's in a bike shop not im guessing electrical but nowing my luck top ends gone

  • @jamesrandall93 nah I bet it’s something silly its certainly is strange though fingers crossed for you

  • @jamesrandall93 I would check all of the wiring and electrical connectors. If there is any corrosion on any of them, then give em a good clean and apply a blob of vaseline to stop em rusting in the future. If something is not earthed or shorting out that would give you problems for-sure. 😉

  • @NINJA I really hope so mate right on top of christamas was not ideal I shal let you a no as soon as I've spoken to the bike shop and.give you all abit more insight so if you have the same symptoms you don't panic like I have

  • @jamesrandall93 top end went bottom end is fine... scored the barrel lucky enough it never seized

  • @jamesrandall93 crazy, pretty cheap fix atleast

  • @jamesrandall93 Well at least you know what the problem is. And a top end rebuild is not to hard a job, you could even fix it yourself if your handy with the spanners??? :winking_face:

  • Definitely check what caused the bike to fail. They don't just fail.

    If it's lack of maintenance, then I'd be checking that bottom end for tolerances.

  • Piston rings have a hard life in a 2 stroke travelling over the open ports. I've seen the pins that stop the rings rotating on the piston move, allowing the ring to spin and open end catch on a port. With it being under load at time it failed (going up a steep hill), I wouldn't be surprised if piston expanded due to heat build up and pinched the rings. May have been running on the lean side aswell.

  • @NINJA pretty handy but don't really no where to start with 2t as this is my first one ... all I no is that I'm waiting for her to get back 2 me

  • @jamesrandall93 Get a Haynes manual dude, there worth their weight in gold!!! 😉

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