• sombody trid to steal my bike to day but caught them before they got away but they steering lock has been snapped so need to replace just looking for advise as to best way about going at it i need to drop the yoks as the sreering is stiff so need to find out why as bike is shaking when riden home fornt end shaking tried to search the forum but the search is not working for me so any help would be great hope you all had a great christmas and happy new year to all

  • Steering lock on the older models is part of the frame isn't it. They are a right nightmare to replace.

  • yer it a 2001 dtr125 model and the steering lock is on the frame

  • been looking for a new one but seems they not made anymore and hard to come by

  • @britshgigolo Most people don't bother replacing them once they get damaged.

  • I think you'd stand a better chance of finding a frame with a working steering lock than the part on its own. On top of that they rust easily, so they don't work well. And you can kick the handlebars and break the steering lock easily. Honestly unless you want a prime, original example of a DT I wouldn't bother.

  • @britshgigolo Non OEM steering locks are still available;


    I'm not sure how hard they are to fit, as others have said it might be a tough job? Contact @oldman I think he has replaced the one on his bike???

  • @NINJA ty i got one ordered today and managed to get old one out with to much effort so just waiting for the new one to turn up as would rather have the steering lock fitted as saved my bike this time as the alarm went off while they broke the steering lock just same i could not catch him as would of been doing time i think it really boils my piss that these pricks think they can take what iis not theres and would not mind but he thought twice as he was taunting me then relised i was coming at him like a freight train and decided to run and jump on the back of another bike but i would reconise the drive again so hoping i will bump into him on my rounds

  • index.jpeg

    My brother linked me this yesterday in Hestersway Park.

    Sick fucks, take what they can because there is no repercussions for those pricks.

    Sorry dude, but a lot of us have been where you are. You're lucky they didn't take the bike, but steering lock is just false sense of security, you're better off without them. My DT doesn't have one. Get yourself a disc lock and chain. And keep the alarm!

  • Man that's so annoying, looks like it was/is someone's well cared for bike. Sadly if they want something bad enough the scum of this world will find a way to steal it. You can never have enough security, but the more you have will slow them down and maybe deter them? Or at least alert passers by, the moral of the story is never leave your bike unprotected and only leave it in a well lit and populated location.

  • @Calum that picture pisses me off all that damage and hassle to the real owner just to leave it in a field doesent even look like it was ridden what’s the point

  • @Calum hi mate i have to have the steering look for the insurance and i do have chains and 4 disc looks but was only in the house couple of minutes so i was lucky the steering lock saved me as it sounded the alarm but normally it well locked up i was ust lucky this time round have lost bike before so know all the shit it causes and pain that some prick has stole it

  • @britshgigolo I never leave my bike without the disc lock, even as I pop into the shops. Although when I fill up for petrol I guess I don't use the lock but rarely use the steering lock if at all.

    As far as insurance goes, it does have a steering lock, the theives broke it when they stole the bike. Can't see how they can disprove that.

    All I'm saying is, I wouldn't pretend to think the steering lock does anything. A £20 disc lock takes just as long to engage and will be a much better deterent.