New guy GILERA SC125 help NEEDED

  • @Calum hi pal the engine was built just like my other two strokes i have there fine.
    I am not a noob lol but just cant get to grips with whats going on only way of finding out is two tear it back down

  • @gilerasc125 I appreciate that, it's just that you've just joined, barely introduce yourself, ask for help, provide a really vague explanation and then are quick to slate the engine because it failed.

    The engine should be built to a spec, if it's built to that spec then it will be sweet as a nut. It's hard to diagnose the fault based off your description, I have no idea of your experience so have just posted a few things to get you started. If you were competent then I'd be surprised that you would need to ask such questions. The fact you asked them, led me to believe you needed some pointers.

    If I can help, I will. But you'll need to be more verbose in your description.

    Why did the engine fail? I would want to be looking there before I even contemplated starting it up again. At 6K miles, that's barely due a top end. Let alone having a rebuild and piston fully seized front and rear.

    I don't think I have it any more, but there was barely a scratch on my piston after the bike was stolen and thrashed with no oil. They are that reliable.

    So something doesn't sound right.

  • @gilerasc125 as regards to orignal piston
    The Bikes only done 6100 miles. Why would you need to Bore it out to 57mm in that time?
    In the space of two owners? These are pieces im trying to put together. The Bike has been derestriced. As For orignal piston siezure marks on front and rear looks mainly threw hear siezure so down to owner neglect running the Bike on No oil or cheap oil.

  • @Calum this is what im trying to put together callum. That a engine with such little milage
    Shoukd be sweet not in this state.

  • @gilerasc125 If the engine was scored badly it may have required an overbore.

    You really think the theives that stole my bike warmed it up before storming up the road on it. Yes it's not great for the engine, but they would withstand the punishment.

    So I would check to make sure the fueling hasn't been messed about with and the oil pump is not faulty. Check that the CDI is firing correctly, and not firing way too early.

    Also it's possible that the mileage is less than accurate, I.E. the speedo has spent a lot of time disconnected.

    MOT History check the vehicle to see if only a few miles pass year on year. That might indicate it's not been recorded accurately.

    I know my MOT for my DT says it's on 300 miles when in actuality it's done 20K

  • @Calum thanks man. Where you based pal?

  • @Calum ive fully Service history For this Bike confirming milage. Will put a video on it idling so people can get a Better idea

  • @gilerasc125 West Midlands.

    Something is definitely amiss. I've seen people on here get like 20K out the original piston. Someone claimed they have 40'000Km out of the original top end on here.

  • From experience it tends to be running too lean that kills two strokes. Though a 2 stroke makes more power the leaner it runs. At 57mm you often have to modify the power valve for clearance. And the head gasket will need opening up. When the barrel 1st seized they might have replaced it with a 'good' second hand barrel that had already been taken out a few sizes.

  • @DTR-NSR ![alt text))
    Taken power valve out now was all full of carbon cleaned up nice. There is a groove thats been cut into it as in machined. Got all the pics but want let me post them. Luckily piston and rings are good. When i was removing pv it had been pinned in the wrong direction

  • @NINJA thats like trying to speak mandarin šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • @gilerasc125 Are you using your phone to access this forum??? As that will cause problems uploading pics. šŸ˜‰

  • @NINJA yes šŸ˜Ž

  • @gilerasc125
    The powervalve is meant to have to have two pins that help it stay together in the centre when you run the bolt threw. My pv hant got them pins šŸ˜‚

  • @gilerasc125 That's why you can't upload any pics, as the forums software is buggy with mobile devices. Using a PC of some form is the best way to access this friendly forum. šŸ˜‰

  • @NINJA I rarely have issues with this forum from a mobile device. What browser are you using? I always use Firefox and can use all the features just fine.

    You should be able to request a desktop version from your mobile.

    The website is written in Bootstrap CSS, meaning that really its the same code for desktop and mobile. So any bug that exists would be present in both systems.

  • @Calum Good_to_know, others have reported issues when using mobiles etc. So I was just going on what they have experienced.

  • @Calum where exactly Calum Iā€™m walsall

  • @declan I should know this. South West Rather.

    where exactly, well if you must know 51Ā°53ā€²N 002Ā°04ā€²W

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