• Has a Giannelli silencer on my DT but looked way too long past my side panel so cut off 4 inches and rivetted the end cone back on. Bought some stainless steel sealed exhaust rivets off ebay and my god took some force with hand rivet gun.
    The mot tester said has to have stupid bs number stamped on silencer so a failure.
    Got home and looked through my bike parts in shed and the serial number is engraved in the 4 inches cut off.lol Thinking of tracing the number onto my silencer
    and using my dremel to engrave the numbers.

  • @theportingmaster If it does not look legit, then you may still get another failure? Why not get a cheap used can just to pass the MOT and save the stubby for the other 364 days of the year??? :winking_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :winking_face:

  • That is a perfectly fine answer for the MOT to fail, nothing wrong there. Although I disagree with a lot of the MOT regulations, this is one I do agree with. But as Ninja said, just put the stock pipe or a legal pipe on for the MOT. They'll pass it and then just switch it back, easy.

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    Never heard of this MOT rule before 🤔

    I'm assuming a hand made pipe would fail too then unless the creator stamped some numbers on it?

  • @Mightyman It's obviously yet another government scam just to hurt the motorist and allow them to gain more import taxes on goods not ISO and BS marked.

  • Weird🤔
    None of my bikes have numbers on the exhausts. Never had a problem with MOT's

  • I know Yamaha around the corner from me are fussy with exhausts, but back street garages tend to be more lenient.

  • It’s a little silly really I don’t see why numbers matter it’s the db that counts and the dt is so quiet even without the muffler