• Hello my names frazer, new to this forum after having issues with my dt 125 x.
    Got my new cylinder/head and piston on the way as my current one broke a ring causing a lot of damage.

    Anyway just wondering if anyone here has had experience with the zeeltronic ignition/pv system? Iv read that they can massively increase perfoamce(depending on the person programming). Find it very interesting and tempting.

    Any and all opinions welcome! Thanks

  • @frazer-c Welcome to the club, post some pics of your bike for ua all dude.

    @Calum is probably the best dude to answer your question, but in short the Zeely will make a huge difference to your bike and is an investment worth every penny. 😉

  • Yeah, what he said lol.

    Best bang for buck in my experience.

  • Struggling to attach a imagine of my bike, how do I do it? Haha.

    Thanks for the welcome, bought the bike a non runner, after a complete engine rebuild and no spark situation iv now done around 2000miles, piston ring somehow moved round and caught the opening of the exhaust port yesterday! All good fun though.

    And yes I think I might have to get one then, do you know if they come with a basic map on them or do you have to completely programme it? Thanks

  • They come with a 'stock' map. Also upload the image to Imgur and then click the image icon on the forum when posting something, then just Ctrl+V the link from the imgur image. I bought a zeeltronic for my fully tuned engine, haven't tried it yet as the engine isn't done yet, but it's a must for good perfomance and good control over the PV and ignition timing while mantaining the stock igniton flywheel and stator system

  • @NINJA sorry for the delayed reply, got my new piston and cylinder head on the way so just waiting to rebuild it all. Had a email back from zeeltronic €204 is the price. If everything goes well on rebuilding the top end I will be getting one! Thanks for the advice

  • @frazer-c dont forget you need the handheld programmer to go with it plus a map switch . Im buying one Thursday 300 quid 🙂

  • Will be interested to hear how you get on with the new ignition system as next year I'd consider one of these for my WR200 as the CDI's are getting thin on the ground now

  • Any updates on this?