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    @oldman how’d you get on? How much play do you allow on your linkage
    Swingarm bearings replaced and relay arm bearings all cleaned and regreased, pivot bushes excellent on swingarm no3 so no play in it at all, 3rd shock was also good both ends with no play and good compression damping. Put together yesterday and happy with assembly, started front forks today, overfilled and smelt like pond water


  • Also toying with idea of fitting progressive fork springs, anyone tried them with a dt? Did fit a set years ago to a 600 and made a big improvement to that, but chalk and cheese really?

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  • @oldman Progressive springs are on my phase 2 upgrade wish list for my MX, If I had kept my DTR I would have fitted Wirth progressive springs to it. There are quite a few reviews out there, so a Google search is well worth the effort to be more informed. I found these 2 to be quite illuminating tho;



    It appears that rider weight and riding style affect the progressive springs more as the forks become compressed. AKA Greater compression increases the stiffness of the forks. Obviously the heavier the rider the more pre-load is placed on the forks, ergo more compression. And if you're an aggressive rider then the same stiffness applies, during the increased bouts of fork compression. The true test would be to ride 2 identical bikes other than standard springs vs progressive springs and then you will have an instant comparison.

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    Thanks for that, read both and still undecided🤔
    Don't find the suspension on the red bike wanting TBH, ordered new seals and bushes Inc oil. Probably stick with the originals and change later if I feel I have to.

  • Have ordered the jet needle I need 3 times now (fowlers, csmnl, yamaha France) and each time after a few days have elapsed receive a message saying not available and refund issued (all advertising for sale). Tried Allen's with no joy and only option is aftermarket one for TZR125 same era, one digit off correct part no compatibility. Any suggestions? Mikuni round slide btw.

  • @oldman The stock needle? I guess it's just an old carb right? Still seems odd not to have it anywhere.

  • Tried yamaha UK customer services and last one listed as sold in 2013!. Did order aftermarket kit for tzr from Wemoto that lists needle jet one digit off dt one, still waiting for that 1 week on. Will keep looking but only hope seems to be picking up nos one on eBay eventually, or complete new carb from csmnl for lots of dosh.

  • @oldman Have you tried the FB groups or known DT breakers???


  • @NINJA trying for new to be honest, had some s/h bits already that are below what I wanted. My reasoning being if it's new as specified it can't be wrong, too fussy that's my problem!

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