My new toy.

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    It has the Athena 170 bore kit, not what I would have chose especially after reading @Calum's opinion on them about port timing etc but it was on it when I bought it. So was the nice shiny new full dep exhaust though not sure how long the front part will stay that shiny as I gather from what I've read on this forum they rust easily. Does anyone here know of anything that can coat/treat it to slow down the rust?
    A few things on my to do list eg. Get the powervalve working as the servo is disconnected and it's set fully open, I've bought a battery as it didn't have one so I'll fit that and look at connecting ypvs back up. Also I must look at the jetting as it currently has a 290 which I thought seems a little big? Anybody here used a 290? Any thoughts please? It's a 2000 model.

  • If it runs fine and revs to full rpm and the spark plug is okay then why not

  • That, plus the big bore means it'll need more fueling.

    That exhaust wrap won't help with any rust.

    Now I didn't actually find the rust that bad. It gets pretty how so is susceptible to a bit of corrosion. Generally just ACF-50 and a good clean and it'll have years of active use.

    The WORST thing about that year DTR is the CDI. They are utterly restricted and no derestriction will overcome that.

    So finding a 3RM CDI or going Zeeltronic will really make a difference to that.

    Otherwise, looks like a sweet ride dude!

  • @Calum I understand what you're saying about the exhaust wrap, that also came already on the bike, I may take it off. As for the CDI it might have been changed already as it's a 3rm-30 which I'm led to believe is good also quite rare is it not? Also I might add the log book says first registered in the UK 2007 I was told it's a French import.

  • @jonne123 yes I guess you're right there thanks though I've not ridden the bike enough yet, only a little on the private roads at my work place so I won't really know till I do so untill that time I'll leave it.

  • Happy days mate. This could be a rapid little bike then!

  • @Calum hopefully. Thank you Calum.

  • @Calum do you know anything about the 3rm-30 because I always thought the 20 is the one to have but I can't find much info on the 30?

  • I can't remember to be honest. I bought a Zeeltronic and forgot about it.

  • @Calum fair enough thanks for your time.

  • @markus-w Nice bike - very Foxy!!! 🦊

  • @NINJA hey thanks a lot.

  • Markus, I also brought a french Import with the 3rm-30. I searched everywhere for info about it and there was hardly anything! I did find something in french which I translated, which basically said it’s Very rare but probably the best CDI available so I’d stick with it. I’ve just done the yvps and put a dep on mine. I’m About to finally get mine on the road so hopefully it’s all good!

  • @DTlee Or get a Zeeltronic for £160 and have complete control over both the ignition timing and YPVS.

  • When I get it on the road I’ll test it. If the cdi holds it back still I’ll be going for the zeeltronic I think 😬

  • I think you'll be fine.

    The 2000-2005 DTR had a horrible ignition on it 😛

    But it sounds like yours has been sorted out. So will be interested in seeing how it goes.

  • Went out on it today. With the power valve sorted, Reed switch moved and the dep system on it was loads quicker! Different bike, I was surprise how long the power band was and how much it gained.

  • @DTlee thanks yes that is all I found one piece that said it's rare and good so looking forward to getting on the road and test it properly.

  • @DTlee hopefully mine should be pretty much the same then as I have dep too. Yours sounds pretty good. So much fun.

  • @markus-w yep compared to the first time I took it out when it was completely stock, it’s a different bike completely now. Plenty fast enough for me and more than enough power in the power band. Have you moved the reed switch out Of the rev gauge?

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