Clutch bell

  • Just had a nother look in the cold light of afternoon. It’s nearly a mil deep on upper (left of bell) where the rotation pushes against it. I’ve never noticed (or looked for) wear in the past, so I don’t know how much is bad.
    Also the bike is new to me and I don’t think the last abuser did a good job of rebuilding it 🙄

  • A millimeter is not a lot tbf. My Rotax basket is a lot worse and operates fine.

    If it's causing running issues, some wet and dry ought to fix that.

  • @Calum yeah they can be pretty gnarly and still operate as normal

  • If you are careful you can file them flat again but obviously this will allow the plates to rotate more than normal and will then wear it out again more quickly.

    My 900 Monster would struggle with this as the clutch runs in air and would make even more noise than it already does, however the DT-R one should be fine for a few more thousand miles

  • Cheers guys! I’m still not decided on whether to file it now while it’s apart or try it first. Gut says do it now and do it right 🙂
    The way I see it is that it’s smooshed down that far anyway, all I’m doing is removing the bits that stick up and prevent smooth travel...
    What you guys think?...

  • Yeah, it's aluminium so just wet and dry. No need for aggressive filing.

  • @SpookDog just be careful personally I would leave it

  • Filed plenty in past. A mates kx was that bad he had to rev it, when stopping in gear to stop it stalling : 0 just be carefull to take the same amount off each clutch finger. Otherwise they won't engage with the clutch plates properly.

  • Gotchya, the wear is so even it should be straight forward.
    The Haynes I have says to use ‘judicial’ filing. Does that mean I have to wear a grey wig and robes😜

  • Easy job. Put it in a vice with a small wood block to take the pressure off of the ‘fingers’ (also used to support the end of file to keep it square) and breezed it. Didn’t even need the wig🤪
    Finish off with a flat needle file & wet n dry...
    Just needed the confidence that people have done it before and it’s doable...

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