GasGas Pampera 250

  • Back in France, GasGas is on its last leg before being finished. Forks done, gearbox oil change and a couple electrical things to do. Dad decided to pick up a mint-looking XT 125 from 1982! Photos in a couple weeks when we return return 🙂

  • @Minia None of those links are working for me dude, are you not able to upload the pics direct or use some other hosting webby please???

  • @CYBER-NINJA The links on the main post are from 5-6 months ago, doesn't look like they work any more. When I get back I'll re-upload them somewhere and fix them. I'll also make another reply with the new bike and some photos 🙂 But that won't be for at least 2 weeks since the objective at first was work, not bikes haha

  • So I'm finally back, journey from hell. But anyways. I've fixed the main post and got the pictures working again. I got to see my lovely GasGas, forks are done and the entire electrical system was basically ripped out. Unfortunately I have no pictures but it was spaghetti everywhere, computer didnt work and the headlight and breaklights don't rely on it so they still work. However if someone plans on putting indicators back on it in the future I will be wishing them luck.

    Bike has been raised and suspension set to my height and weight.

    Gearbox still has issues, neutral is a bitch. The bike will not get into neutral the majority of the time. It will also some times pop out of gear and go to neutral. Therefore the gearbox oil change has not been done since it will have to be taken apart.

    alt text

    License plate and rear light had broken off after a failed hill-climb. So a metal bar was bolted onto the rear to hold it all together.
    alt text

    alt text

    Whilst I was in France dad decided he wanted a bike in France and found himself a 1982 XT125 in good condition. Bike starts well but suffers from carb and fueling issues which means it stalls when going uphill. It was a barn find though so it's going for renovation. So far I know the tyres will be replaced, carb and tank will go for a thorough cleaning and the forks need to be done up as they are leaking. Gearbox and engine feel very smooth so I don't expect any surprises but we'll see.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Minia It's looking sweet bud!

    Yeah my Aprilia was like that, Neutral was located between every gear, if you didn't give it enough welly upshifting then you could end up in neutral, also the proper neutral was a nightmare to find lmao.

    It's all looking good though.

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    Probably unrelated to your issues if Gas Gas are prone to having dodgy gearboxes, but I actually found this exact problem occurring with my CR 85 just after I rebuilt it last week. The gearbox was perfect before I stripped it though, so I had to split the cases a second time to find out what went wrong. Turned out when the cases were hot, the gearshift drum bearing had moved about 1mm or 2mm out of place, causing pressure on the main shaft / counter shaft.

    As I say, could be unrelated but if you are going to split the cases, check all bearings are seated correctly as it's easy to overlook.

  • @Mightyman Hm, I'm not sure this could be the problem. My GasGas does run incredibly hot, but it does need quite some time for the engine to get hot. I don't remember feeling any difference whether the engine was cool or hot, but nonetheless better be wary. Thanks mate 🙂

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    @Minia Sorry, I didn't mean when the engine was running. My bearing came out of place when I split the cases and heated them up to put in the new bearings. I was suggesting it could have been a previous owner the last time it was rebuilt perhaps?

  • @Minia GasGas build quality :(....

    really good engines tho! Looking good.

  • How much did you pay just out of interest?

    I picked this up - 0_1492532456713_IMG_5733.JPG

    Don't really know what gas gas model it is apart from being 320cc.

    Bought it at 5pm for £400

    Crashed it in the field at 6:30pm ripped the back off and bent the wheel.

    Sold at half 7 to a guy that races them for £700.

    lol not really sure what I had.

  • @gareth_iowc Bought for 1400 euros, but needed a lot done to it. All in all, around 2,100 euros or so spent. But I'm perfectly happy with it, extremely solid and lightweight.

    Your bike looks to me like an old Gasgas txt pro 320cc trials bike. Could be wrong.

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  • @Minia Not very many of those XT's still around, she's in great nick too - good find there bud!!! 👍

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