dt 125 re carb inlet boost bottle missing

  • Hi all I've come across a very nice dt re it's been stood a while and is almost brand new the problem I have is when I had a good look round it seems to have been messed with i am aware of the boost bottle that should be on the inlet and this bike does not have one it's plugged
    I've not run the bike so I can't tell if it's an issue yet but does anyone know why this may have been removed and is it a problem the bikes don't only a few hundred miles from new any help would be great Tia

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    Some people see it and get the impression it's a restriction so simply remove it and plug up the hole. Won't do any harm, but Yamaha did include it for a reason. @Calum knows a bit about the science behind it.

  • Just found it weird it was gone the bike is brand new almost having only done a couple 100 miles

  • @reecesloane-2017 I removed mine and subsequently had a loss in performance. My top speed dropped by 10mph. So I put it back on and everything was back to normal. 😉

  • For some reason a guy made a thread on how to "de-restrict" the Dt125rs
    Some were correct but made 3 mistakes

    1. Remove the boost bottle on airbox to carb hose and bung it.

    2. Blank off y.e.i.s. On inlet manifold.

    3. Cut off the airflow guide on the inlet manifold. (the part that sits inside the reed block.

    This has misinformed many people, so many previous owners of your DTs have been messed about with.

  • I'll go ahead and check it out before I buy it with the bike being so new I expected it to be in messed with

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