A mates stolen DT125RE

  • Not much remaining of her, at least you got some of it back.

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    Looking a little more promising after a quick pressure wash..

    Cable tied the plastics in place to keep it all together for now before the final decision is made

  • At least all is not lost he has a frame and a Id it could be worse they could of gotten rid of the frame number Not that I would wish that on anybody I'd be fuming, good luck with piecing if back together 👍

  • I know the feeling though.

    When the police find your bike.

    You rock up and it's just fobbed off on the floor. Everything was still on. And I was like could have at least picked it up put it on the stand. Turned the ignition off.

    Your pride and joy in that state.

    But it can be fixed.

  • Share the engine number on facebook and everywhere that it was stolen makes it bit hotter to handle.

  • How did you get on?

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    @uber_beluga absolutely no work has been done unfortunately. The owner has no disposable income at the moment 😞

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    This bike is now for sale as the owner no longer interested in restoring it and I've kept it garaged as long as I could for him. Will come with the v5 and was not ever registered as stolen because he had no insurance at the time. If no interest, this will go to eBay. 👍

    alt text
    alt text

  • Would be interested for spares only which would be a shame, wheels look ok, someone should rebuild it rather than being pillaged for parts , . Serves as a reminder to lock it or lose it

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    Just been trying to post this on Gumtree and it's failing to post due to failing a HPI check. I have just done a HPI check myself and it is recorded as stolen still... Until the owner has sorted this, the bike is no longer for sale. Expect it will be resolved soon though 👍

    UPDATE: The police have said it's still marked as stolen because the engine was never recovered. 😩

    UPDATE: Finally removed from stolen register so I've just put a for sale page up.

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