Air box snorkel removed should I upjet

  • Hi I wondered if i could get some help I got my hands on a low mileage dtre I noticed the power valve earthed already boat boost bottles blanked and the snorkel
    Removed it actually goes very well and easy hits 75 but it seams to run hot should It be up
    Jetted the one in there now is 210 also plan of a full dep pipe thinking maybe I should go
    240 main it's a 2007 re I did buy a snorkel to replace it but with it on the bikes loses so much power and response I just don't want it on

  • The bike performs much better with the Snorkel in lol.

    That induction noise is not good.

    The bike was designed to run at 210, even with the DEP.

    The plug will tell you whether you need to upjet. The philisophy is that engines are going to be most performant on the leaner side of things, ensuring all combustiable mix is burnt.

    You add fuel to cool the piston crown, slow the burn, to reduce the risk of detonation.

    So unless you have a reason to, leave it standard.

    I would definitely refit the two boost bottles. Leave the powervalve earthed, get a DEP pipe and keep the snorkel.

    That's a pretty decent setup.

    If you want more power then you would want to ditch the carb and air box and get an underslung pipe, Zeeltronic ignition and ported barrel.

    That's the best way to get power.

  • I'm not after more power but when I put the snorkel on it splutters I was thinking of maybe getting a 230 snorkel I don't like the induction noise but I am used to it with crossers I wish the thing was full standard

  • @reecesloane-2017 So 210 is fine, put the boost bottles back on should help it not splutter.

  • @reecesloane-2017 I lost 10mph off the top-end when I removed the boost bottle, they run much better with them on too. A 230 snorkel will help the air flow whilst retaining the stock inlet method. that option would be much better than having nothing. I would also stick with the 210 jets, the bike was designed to run with those and unless you are upgrading the whole engine, a larger jet is not worth the hassle really.

  • I cut the top off the airbox and rejetted and I did it felt more torque in the higher revs (I had a tmx30 carb with Vforce reeds) even before I installed the 200cc conversion. Sounds great, still very protected from dirt by the seat.

  • @Calum I'll
    Have to buy one the bike came to me without them these arnt my mods but the last owners

  • @reecesloane-2017 Yeah sure mate, as said I do have the correct boost bottle for the inlet over here if you want it.

    Did you not get my private message?

  • No haven't received any mate

  • @reecesloane-2017 How about now?

  • Mine runs cleaner with snorkel removed. But its always been slightly rich, and the stock 240 jet seems just a liiiitle bit to big for how my carb is set up.

  • Mine has the 210