1988 rebuild update

  • Reassembled engine and remitted to frame today, oil refilled and no leaks! New throttle cable purchased from Wemoto not compatible with throttle so that's going back. 0_1500058634894_15000586092731972646004.jpg 0_1500058762173_1500058685341811813642.jpg 0_1500058834466_15000588119351364223925.jpg wheels off for rebuild next week, brakes to refurb and carb\controls to refit maybe tomorrow!

  • @oldman Very Shiny - great job dude!!! 👍

  • Oh wow, this build is looking phresh!

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    Very nice pictures, seriously clean bike on the way there! 👍

  • Sorted the original bodywork out of the loft today and decided to put an appeal out for anyone who has any red bodywork in A1 condition, all would be gratefully bought. Want to restore to the best possible condition, please contact me if you are able to help in any way, even if you point me in the right direction to find it.
    Also fitted clutch cable, connected taco, reffitted chain rollers, collected wheels minus tyres to take for respoke next week.

  • @oldman OEM parts especially the plastics in A1 condition would be very hard to get hold of. Their quite literally the ole proverbial needle in a hay stack. Fowlers would be your best bet for some good quality replacement parts;


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    Think @scrimsmustang mentioned he had a set the other day. Not sure if he wants to part with it though.

  • Have messaged him but no reply as yet, more pictures below in all its redness, don't be fooled ,photos don't show everything. Most panels have cracks or scratches hence the search for new bodywork, will get tank resprayed as well. Some damage sustained some years ago when some scrote stole and dumped it when he couldn't get the bike started. Refinished rear fender this morning and loose fitted bodywork while waiting for carb cable, etc.3_1500216396357_20170716_153122.jpg 2_1500216396313_20170716_153102.jpg 1_1500216396281_20170716_153132.jpg 0_1500216396236_20170716_153113.jpg
    Want to get some age related graphics as well, can see marks in plastics from originals but none similar on eBay at the moment, not a set anyway. Is there anywhere else to source a set?

  • @oldman The graphics you have on there are not originals, I have a spare set of those in red and black, as I bought 2 when I freshened up my DTR. I also have another set of black & grey decals, I'm not sure if they are original pattern or not, but there close to stock Yammy one's. I'll dig em out and post a pic, so that you can see if there any good to ya???

  • Thanks, would be appreciated , will try and find picture that shows original shape that shows on plastics, will be selling old bodywork (in white ) when finished, side panels and rear fender from Portugal, tank that needs respraying (crazed) seat, etc

  • Yes mate that looks awesome.

  • @CYBER-NINJA eBay link for graphic shape showing in plastics, cannot find a pic of bike with graphics on!

  • @Calum thank you!

  • Finished rebuilding carb, purchased refurb kit with new float chamber seat, main jet and needle that seemed to be slightly shorter than the existing, maybe 1.5mm? Set up same as original, anyone found the same?
    Also sent email to yamaha to try and find original colour, white is my favourite from the 88 colours so maybe go down that route if that proves to be the original colour if I can't source red bodywork.

  • Replacement throttle cable arrived and fitted perfectly, then realised had left the little rubber boot off the carb end, balls, refitted cable and then popped the carb and boost bottle back on. Filled fluids and bled oil pump, kicked over a few times with ignition off, fuel on (inline filter), choke on, 3rd kick a splitter and then away it went. Running a lot healthier than before and pick up off the throttle is nice and crisp if you know what I mean. Let it warm up and thermostat working fine, well pleased. I thought if anything was going to be a problem it would be the carb but that seems sweet thank God, the truth will be when I ride it though. Wheels due back in a fortnight so 2 weeks to rebuild the master cylinders and calipers, still hoping for a reply from Yamaha about the original build colour though. Going to get original expansion chamber refinished before fitting it back on, currently has B.O expansion camber and tail pipe but diameter of tail pipe smaller than expansion pipe, will have to source an original silencer soon.

  • 0_1500983379749_150098334876376784353.jpg
    Cleaned all the brake components up, refinishing calipers, waiting for rear piston as original pitted. Also refinished both master cylinders and again waiting for refurb kit. Have new brake lines to go on as well, R&Ģ , wheels should not be much longer either. Still waiting to hear from Yamaha about build colour and still no success in sourcing decent bodywork. Did get full original exhaust though from low mileage bike so not all bad!0_1500983877818_150098385198586123896.jpg

  • This looks a really nice project alot of time and effort gone into this one well done

  • No corners cut I love it

  • Yes loving heattention to detail here. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the comments, brake parts arrived today so will be cracking on with calipers and master cylinder refurb. Had grandson today and he has fair worn me out. Have really enjoyed doing this (so far!) and learnt a lot on the way. Still no word from Yamaha yet about the build colour but gotta say that white/red colour scheme is awesome, absolutely love it.0_1501105334615_15011051823621572941963.jpg

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