• Hello, im a fellow yamaha rider from Latvia. I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while. Now I decided to sign up. I ride a 1998 Yamaha TDR 125(the heaviest and most restricted bike of Yam's 125 family) Here is a photo of it that convinced me to buy it alt text. Before me it was owned by 7 different owners in 7 years since it was imported in to country, basically all of them rode for one season and didn't do any maintanance and decided to sell it after the season. 7 Years of not doing maintanece came down like a sh*tstorm to the little brat that owned it before and me. Plus he fell with it and scratched the left cowling so bad it was just easier to stickerbomb it. alt text. After owning it for a year now im still in love like i was when i bought it. It had an issue with the balancer shaft, It wasn't put togheter right and the balancer shaft was actually making more vibrations that it is with out it ( very counter-productive). When I decided to put it togheter how it was supposed to be I saw thet the barrel had a huge mark in it( I don't have any pictures of it because it makes me cry 😆)
    Here are some photos of the rebuild(0_1501426800899_f103f8c9-87c1-4299-9a0a-4974372bd218-image.png alt text alt text
    I've changed out the tires aswell, because last owner was self glorified burnout master, idk how he did it tho because the engine is restrited.
    I Hope this was good enough to get accepted in to the 2strokerhead club 👍

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    Yes mate, welcome.

    Tidy bike there, any plans for it?

  • Well I want to derestric it fully, maybe get an aftermarket pipe.
    It's almost rustless becouse of Latvian climate 👍

  • @killersbeez rustless is always good lol nice bike mate

  • @declan and welcome to the forum buddy glad to have you

  • Oh yeah the barrel is scratched because the youngster decided to go for a quick spin without the exhust when he rebuilt it :| and rock or something like that got into the port and f*cked up the cylinder sidewall.

  • @killersbeez 😂😂😂 sorry but that's kinda funny

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Just spotted the balancer shaft issue , I believe there is only one way how to install it wrong - balancer shaft gears not aligned properly .there is 2 punchmarks on them as on the 38.3c picture


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    @zrako Yeah I think he knows now lol

  • welcome aboard

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    Nice to have another TDR owner about 👍

  • like the look of a tdr the more i see them

  • @killersbeez Welcome to the club dude!!! 👍


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