1989 rebuild update

  • @declan No soul dude, DReam was/is a classic !!! 😉

  • Forks completed with new fork oil, flushed out the RAD but that's pretty sound, few other bits put back together. Wheels gone for rebuild via my mate and hopefully get the loom sorted and fitted over the weekend.0_1512088349588_20171201_001815-1224x1632.jpg

  • Proper job that.

  • Looking good. What colour scheme was this one originally? White'n'red?

  • Originally a white model, have nearly all new panels to go on, will source correct age related graphics if possible, will mostly be original build bar a few user chosen changes.

  • Fitted new steering stem lock and helmet lock, went through the loom and cleaned all connections, fitted to frame and connected everything up, just need to secure and tidy route, rear light fitted as well. Air BOX and battery tray tomorrow and if I have enough time will start to strip carb.0_1512260088018_20171202_235755-1224x1632.jpg
    0_1512260111214_20171202_235627-1224x1632.jpg 0_1512260126235_20171202_235612-1224x1632.jpg

  • 0_1512427637235_IMAG0079.jpg 0_1512427665342_IMAG0079.jpg !
    Care stripped ready for ultrasonic clean and refurb (tomorrow) airbox refitted, brake caliper and master cylinder kits ordered, new front disc (Galfer wavy) ordered, rec counter gasket and washers ordered (missing ), only chain and sprockets left to buy I hope!

  • @oldman Care or Carb ??? 😆

  • It's carb, bloody spell check for you!

  • I thought you were referring to the way you stripped down the card, with care 😃

  • I always strip with care! Don't want to damage the twins😁 Finished ultrasonic clean and rebuild of the carb with new jets, emulsion tube, air screw (old one seized and spring stuck) drain screw (old one bodged). Any advice on jetting changes (or not?) to suit Romeu exhaust, no other tuning changes made, did fit forged piston though.
    On to brake rebuilding next.!

  • @oldman Did you already have the steering and helmet lock parts or did you source them?
    I have recently bought the frame which my bike didn’t have not the steering lock, looking for replacements with keys.

  • @Spanners helmet lock sourced ebay usa and steering lock from ebay germany, steering lock aftermarket but helmet lock genuine, you need metal cover, rivet and conical washer for steering lock, all sourced via Fowlers parts.

  • So long as you're running 240 main jet you should be fine. With the cold weather you could go 250 and raise the needle slightly to richen the mixture. But I'd say only do that if it were necessary.

  • Thanks Calum, ordered 240 jet, did put 225 in, will do before fitting to bike, trying to build enthusiasm to go in cold garage!

  • @oldman well my shed has a wire front so essentially I’m working outside always 😉

  • @declan bummer! Exhausted myself turning the radiators on in my garage, phew!!!
    On another note, ordered throttle cable from Yambits and fitted, doesn't fit at all well, difficult to get the slack out of the cable and definitely not right at oil pump. Shaft of cable that sits in housing far too long, have to fit a spacer on cable end to keep in correct position to line up clip on inside and cable in nearly the right position. Have ordered same as my 88 bike now, are there many differences in cables over the years? Mikuni carb and correct age cable ordered, just doesnt fit?

  • @oldman In my experience with cables, always best to go genuine. I've had nothing but headaches with aftermarket Yamaha Cables.

  • Am starting to agree with you, checked cable that bike came with and that was the same. Explains why premix in tank, oil pump would not work with that cable as too much slack if located correctly in to oil pump housing cable inlet, ah well, progress I suppose. Time wasted though , annoying, brakes tomorrow.

  • Photo shows todays progress, other picture shows bright spacer needed to get cable length correct, not right so replacement ordered.
    Decal on front cowl incorrect as well, wrong size, will get right one with sticker kit.
    0_1512848091305_20171209_190415-1632x1224.jpg 0_1512848111324_20171209_190415-1632x1224.jpg