Hi from darkest Dorset

  • Hey all, another newbie.
    Having reached the grand old age of 46 and having 2 of my 3 kids off my hands, I succumbed to a lifelong desire and bought myself The Bike.
    It needs a bit of work, but on the whole is in good condition.
    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get spares?

  • @jem71 hello and welcome to the forum πŸ–‘
    Lot of spare parts used and new can be found on eBay and on few facebook pages.

  • Hello and welcome.

    Yeah spares are drying up, but lots of stuff can still be had new.

    What is it you're looking for? Maybe some members here can help.

  • Bit of a list I'm afraid...
    most of which I have managed to find on ebay.
    The bike is a French import so the first thing on my outstanding list is some sort of overlay for the speedo
    Do they even make these???
    Sorry, I'm a bit of a bike dunce.....

  • @jem71 I would leave the clocks in Kmh unless there is some real need for them to be in Mph.

    It would be a new set of clocks, which are either not going to be cheap, or battered. You may also need the UK spec speedo drive.

  • Is it legal to ride with just the kmh?
    Have googled it, but got lots of conflicting answers....

  • @jem71
    Hi and welcome!
    I too have followed a dream and are currently battling my newly purchased DT 125r back onto the road.
    As other guys have said eBay and gumtree are great resources.
    I find some of the groups on Facebook to be a great help for breaking parts.
    Also new parts in wemoto, Yambits, Aj Sutton’s, motorcycle spare parts.
    I have found though the original parts cost a lot of money! 😒
    Hope you have fun and think of the end result when your patience is tested......because it will be! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • @jem71 hiya unit 5 sell an overlay on Facebook or atleast they did I meant to get one give them a check

  • They don't even test the speedo on an MOT. I would tell the tester that the drive has been converted to measure MPH but displayes KPH. They won't ask.

  • Lovely, thanks for the info!

    I forsee many idiotic posts from me in the very near future.....please have patience...;o)

  • @calum kmh are legal bud?

  • @declan Mu Starlet is KMH bud. It's a grey import.

  • @calum mines in kmh I looked it up a while ago it’s perfectly fine and legal just a pain for the rider

  • @jem71 Welcome to he club, at 46 your still young dude. I'm 49 and had not ridden a motorbike for 30 years since I was 18, young, dumb and full of cum!!! LOL

    I got into cars at 18 and it was only until last year I fancied owning a motorbike again. Of course it had to be a DT and I loved it!!! πŸ™‚

  • @jem71 It's 100% legal to have the speedo in KPH, it's how fast you ride that isn't. Just do the math's in your head eg.

    48Kph = 30 Mph

    65Kph = 40Mph

    97Kph = 60Mph

    112Kph = 70Mph

    Just be mindful of those speeds and you will stay within the speed limits!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Hello, how about a picture of your bike, don't forget to check European ebay as well, postage can be high though but good for finding elusive parts

  • Hello mate, welcome into the cult family. Get some pictures up of the bike for us πŸ˜‰

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