Oil Pump/Auto lube dramas

  • Hi All

    Here l am once again......Lol!
    So if you have been following my DT repair the bodges trilogy l have sorted the water or coolant in the gearbox oil tragedy with a new impelled and seal kit.
    It turns out that the leak l thought was coming from the gearbox case gasket is actually coming from the auto lube or oil pump.
    Having a Haynes manual handy with reassembling it told us to bleed the oil pump and send oil down the tube near the end then reattach to the carburettor.
    Not only was it not working too well but it was leaking oil also.
    So, my question to you guys does anyone know of a refurb kit for a 2000 model?
    I can find one on Yambits but it says for a earlier mark 1 DT.
    Does anyone know if these pumps are similar?
    Or does anyone know generally of a kit l could purchase?
    Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

  • The pumps are not refurbushable. A new pump will be required if this is the case.

    The oil line feeds directly into the inlet manifold not the carbuettor.

    The carburettor will accept coolant lines, so get those the wrong way round and....

    It's not uncommon for the pumps to fail, in which case the best advice I would give would be to simply run premix.

  • @calum why would you ever need the coolant running through the carb. Never understood that myself.

  • @irongamer727 it’s to stop it freezing up? I’ve never got it my self it seems stupid to me

  • @declan More likely to freeze if there is coolant inside it.

    It's probably to add some heat to the fuel to help it atomise better. Since four strokes atomise their fuel using high fuel pressure and probably an ultrasonic quartz crystal.

  • @calum
    Thanks again!
    Seems strange a fragile part like this is unserviceable but l have managed to source a couple of units so l will check which works the best and replace the old one.
    Now this should really be one of the last fixes, l can wait to finish off and enjoy the fruits of my labour!
    And post a picture for you guys of course! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • The coolant feeds will be there to warm the carb to help prevent 'carb icing'.

  • Have found a guy that can repair/refurb the oil pumps like new, has done 2 for me so far, let me know if you want his details.

  • @oldman Yamaha told me they were non-serviceable. Interesting.

  • Found him via recommendation on dt mx site, did a 250 pump and also 89 dt I am currently doing, yamaha parts and seals supplied, will post photo shortly of 89 pump I have just got back

  • There you go

  • @oldman Looks superb

  • @oldman
    Wow, the oil pump looks fantastic.
    I would love to have the guys details, pre mixing seems quite prehistoric.
    And l would love the engine working all correctly......darn these OCD’s! 😏

  • Hi, his name is Gary and his email is morysjones@gmail.com, first class imho!

  • @spanners Nah man, OCD is good. Forums are OCD.

    IMO, get it running spot on. It's worth it. But a lot of people tend to be short on cash, so I was merely offering a quick win.

  • @spanners We all have OCD in some way, shape or form bud. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a healthy obsession on/in something, it just proves that you have a soul and take great pride in creating something beautiful!!! πŸ˜‰

  • IMHO if it's there it should work, annoys me if it doesn't, keep thinking about it until I give in and correct it.

  • Well guys I’m certainly in the right place with this forum.
    @Calum I realise and understand your thinking, you always offer a way to still ride the bike to enjoy it. πŸ˜ƒ
    I just want to get shot of the bodges, turned screw heads, snapped bolts and quick fixes.
    @oldman thank you for the contact, I really appreciate it. I’m hoping both the pumps l got hold of work, then l can send one off to be refurbished.
    @NINJA thank you for your kind words, l say great minds think alike...... and congregate in similar places!
    I should be able to take it out this weekend, even my new rear fender for AJ Sutton has turned up, that has got to be good luck! πŸ€£πŸ‘

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