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  • Is it better to keep the snorkel on or take it off

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    I don't think it's actually beneficial for the running of the engine without the snorkel unless you do accompanying mods. @Darty has mentioned replacing it with one from a DT230 for a little bit more air however!

  • If you are removing the snorkel then I have been told the best thing is to completely chop the air box roof off.

    Rob from Skellerns Cheltenham said the air box is massively restrictive.

    I don't like butchering stuff. So in my opinion use a pod filter.

  • @vtrn_raptor As the others have stated, removing the snorkel is mostly detrimental. You don't really gain any extra air flow, your bike is noisier and sounds more like a 4 stroke. The DT200 upgrade is the best option if you can find one? Fitting an aftermarket air filter will help improve airflow, as they remove any restrictions, but you then run the risk of water getting into your carb and the bike will run like a three legged dog if water logged. It all depends on which sort of riding and what weather conditions you go out in really???

  • @vtrn_raptor Snorkel off, sounds mint. Runs great with a 250 Main and some needle adjustment with a Pipecross Air filter.

    Would not mess with the Airbox too much, as mine was difficult to Re-jet, and ran like shit most of the summer time.

    DT230 Lanza snorkel works a treat.

  • How would you do with a brand new filter? Just lube it and go or wash it first?

  • Brand new? Just lube it up, some aftermarked actually come preoiled. The stock isnt.
    I've removed my snorkel, and added some protection to keep splashing water away from the intake.

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