1988 rebuild update

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    It's worth waiting to get what you want at the end of the day.

    Can someone here help and locate the correct spokes in SS?

  • Doubt Yamaha will have stainless steel spokes so you will probably get the original zinc plated ones again.

    Have you thought about Central Wheel Components for your wheel build? Would be expensive but you'd get stainless if you wanted it

  • Central wheels are the ones that have sent 2 incorrect spoke sets, if it comes to nothing with the guy doing it will send to central to do, want to give the current builder a chance to sort, seems a decent enough bloke stuck in the middle, REALLY frustrating though. Summer will be gone before I have had a chance for a play. Rear wheel spokes sent were 3.5mm, somewhat oversized.

  • Exhaust off being welded though, so not all bad news

  • If someone has the full specs for the spokes would be appreciated, still my preferred option.

  • Sorry can't help think my spokes will be a bit shorter than yours

    Probably best to send the wheels of to someone who can handle the whole job. I bet Central can produce their own spokes

  • Exhaust back from welders, just need to refinish now, something to do waiting for the wheels.! Got to cut back spout to suit. Also picked up used rack so that's going to be powder coated

  • Welding looks very neat

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    Yeah I gotta feeling this build is going to be very nice!

  • yes looks like @oldman is going to do a very nice job

  • I was at a loose end waiting for my wheels, innocently browsing ebay, saw an 89 dt sold a week ago relisted due to time waster. Piqued my interest and a DEAL was struck in the old man household that one in, one out. Agreed to sell a 125 bike bought for my son that he no longer uses, a Lexmoto Venom. Watched the 89 and failed to sell, contacted seller and struck a deal, picked up yesterday so have my winter project lined up. Had a quick inspection and although powder coated previously a fair amount of rust coming through, swingarm sound though. Calipers look ok and all plastics present and undamaged bar the locating hook on the oil tank cover. No power valve actuator but will pick one up when I am ready.Brand new tyres, Michelin proenduro I think, not sure if they are road legal. Tank looks like it has been enamelled (do they do that?) And the design in photo is in the enamel. Cruddy inside but have a spare tank anyway that just needs spraying. Story is it stood for a long time before being restored(!) By the 2nd last owner, sorry if you are reading this but must try harder😉. That's it for this one until the first is finished completely, .
    Maybe I should set up a self help group "Hello, I am oldman and I am a dtraholic!" But I did say I liked the white and red model!
    Now I am off to be a house slave for a week or two 0_1502630329747_20170813_131639.jpg 0_1502630375682_20170813_131651.jpg 0_1502630415767_20170813_131658.jpg

  • @oldman wow 😳

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    Very nice!

  • 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Still waiting for the wheels as you can see, exhaust almost finished, but did fit some graphics, comments welcome🤐0_1502912469509_20170816_201438.jpg

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    I am loving this in red! GUSH!

  • Decided to leave red as you dont see many about, still waiting for full history from DVLA. Just hope I can pick up some new bodywork some time

  • Looks awesome 🙂

  • Are you fitting a rack to the red one? Personally I think it fills the gap created by the raised seat / mudguard and looks better than those YZ style replacement mudguards from Portugal.

  • @oldman Nice Honda !


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