DT 125 RE Supermoto Build

  • Hi everyone, thought id finally make a thread for my build
    Basically towards the end of last year I decided it was time to strip my DT down and rebuild it, sorting out all the shocking wiring and mess the previous "builder" had left.
    Just before I stripped the bike down it looked like this
    alt text
    I had been wanting to do a USD fork conversion for a while, and a WR 426 came up on facebook for breaking, so I quickly snapped up the forks and front brake for a good price. I then went and bought a front axle and triple clamps for the forks and got myself a set of RFX bearings to match. I finally got round to striping the front end off the bike early this year and made my spacers following the bearing cup guide on here, worked a treat but I had to add an extra spacer at the bottom bearing and make a 1mm bush for the outer bottom race to fit in the standard headstock. Once the triples were painted and fitted it looked a treat, alot bigger than the standard triples and forks!
    alt text
    I then cleaned up, primed and painted my forks, fitting some fork sleeved to keep them protected, also fitted some grips and mounted some bits on the bars.
    alt text
    Notice the MT 125 wheel in the rear, I had bought and planned to fit these wheels to my DT as they were a cheap option, but the manufacturing needed for them to work would of been very tricky, I made an axle first which worked good, but the rear wheel even when spaced correctly would need a hubcentric spacer for the disc and spacers for the sprocket. The axle was also very thin compared to the standard DT rear axle, long story short I scrapped the idea as I just wasnt happy with how safe the bike would be after all the work, mainly the tiny mt rear axle. Once some DTX hubs laced to saxess rims with stainless spokes came up for Β£100 I snapped them up.
    While waiting for my wheels to arrive I sanded and polished my tank which I resprayed in 2k gloss black last year, also fitted the seat on the bike
    alt text
    I made a custom front axle along with bushing for the DTX front wheel to work in the huge forks, spacers were nearly perfect on standard rim and only needed slight modification, I also got to keep the speedo drive and standard clocks which was a big plus for my budget.
    I made the axle out of 30mm EN8 bright steel, worked great but was tricky to turn down. The end was threaded in M14 x 1.5 like the standard DT front axle and a stainless nylock nut used.
    alt text
    Rear wheel fitted with standard axle as youd imagine, fitted new pads front and rear aswell, sadly the rear caliper pins had corroded a little so the slider wouldnt go far back enough for the disc to be free, after some grease and persuasion it went and the brakes free.
    alt text
    Got the bike out today as it was fairly dry, alot easier to see any marks or rough spots when in sunlight.
    alt text
    alt text

    Overall im very happy with how the builds going, ive definitely missed alot of work that ive done but will try keep the thread updated as I go along. Ive got the caliper adapter to make along with other things like the headlight etc, but the bikes been fully serviced and should be good for its mot next month, new chain, sprockets, oil, pads and good tyres. This summers going to be a good one.


  • Yes mate that looks wicked. forks look superb!

    That pipe is smart as well! Top job.

  • Good looking bike, like the forks!

  • Cheers guys, I'm undecided on what theme to go for, I'm liking it dark so was thinking of a black headlight, but there again maybe a white sm mudguard and headlight then get some white/black graphics?

  • Keep it dark bud. those forks and yokes look wicked!

  • @calum
    Cheers mate, will keep the page updated, really liking the USD conversion, makes the old setup look like it's off a bicycle πŸ˜‚

  • Looking sweet :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:

  • @glynn123 Looking good thus far bro, keep up the good work. :thumbs_up:

  • Caliper bracket nearly finished, just need to fill the bottom hole with some black metal and weld, since I drilled it slightly off πŸ™„
    Then re drill the caliper holes and prime/paint the bracket, should look reasonable and be pleanty strong
    alt text

  • Finished caliper bracket, painted and tightened down with high tensile bolts and locktight, can finally ride the bike to test it πŸ˜ƒ
    alt text
    alt text

  • Yes mate tidy!

  • @glynn123 love those fork skins

  • @declan they're really nice, think it was Β£24 for the pair and they sent an extra sleeve for between the triple clamps to add an hour meter. They're fitted by heating them up, they shrink and glue themselves onto the fork legs, a lot stronger and better held than regular stickers that's for sure.

    Also got the bike running for the first time since September and rode it around the garden after work. Felt great and brakes aren't binding so overall very happy. Engines still running sweet since the rebuild and forks feel nice, front brakes mega.

  • @glynn123 a very happy you then lol glad all is well

  • Took the bike for its first test ride down a back road, feels good and everything's tight, nice and smooth and gearing feels pretty good, cruises very nice at 50mph so I'm happy with that for now. Only problem is a bit of clutch slip, gonna adjust the clutch and see what it's like on its run to the MOT place in a couple weeks, easy job if it needs plates anyway.
    Got a graphics designer making some custom graphics for the bike also, trying to keep a standard look, however update the very outdated styling.
    Headlight and windscreen also arrived from Yamaha today, sadly we have been hit with some mega snow (for Scottish Borders) and after riding in yesterday's snow I don't fancy anymore frostbite and solid fingers πŸ˜‚

    alt text

    alt text

  • Well that's the build drawing to a close, light bracket made and everything wired up, Allen head bolts for forks and triples, new fork guards fitted with custom graphics, hand guards fitted, mirrors, polisport sm mudguard etc etc
    Really happy with how the bikes turned out, very minor work to go now so just the niggly bits, booking insurance tomorrow and MOT is booked for Saturday morning, sadly Scottish weathers decided to be 1 degrees on that day but should make it πŸ˜‚
    Will keep the thread updated with future changes and mods
    alt text
    alt text

  • @glynn123 man that’s awesome well done mate

  • Looking lovely bud! Love those forks as well. Look pucker great colour scheme!

  • Just a little update video, done a few little subtle mods since like front tyre etc, clocked just over 1000 miles since the build and running strong, however the cheap headgasket blew so skimmed head and replaced with Athena gasket, seems good since. think it might be time for ignitech or zeeltronic next though πŸ€”

  • @glynn123 I've never been able to get those cheap gaskets to work. Seriously what's the point!

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