• What reeds do you lads run/ reccomend and what interval do you change yours at? For the dtr

  • I've never changed them and bought Hy-Tech reeds.

    Been absolutely spot on for years!

    But each to their own. To be honest I doubt there is any power/torque gain over the stock reeds as they're pretty good anyway.

  • @Calum my throttle response is a bit crap and I think the seals leaking so I was gonna kill two birds one stone but maybe I'll just do the seal

  • What seal is this bud?

    I tend to use some gasket glue on my gaskets to ensure a decent seal.

  • @Calum I've got a load of rtv that I will use I'm noticing a build up of what I believe to be 2 stroke on my reef intake and I went out earlier and my bike wasn't smoking like at all so I beefed the mixture up slightly

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    I was going to make a thread about this shortly but might as well share on here.

    I recently switched to the Chao carbon fibre ones you can find on eBay, and all I have noticed is that I lost 40km from my tank, possibly more.

    Think it was @Darty who mentioned they dont have enough flex to them. I will definitely be switching back to plastic ones when I get the chance..

    Funny how it could have such a difference from bike to bike. I swapped out my CR85 ones for Chao carbon ones and I near on halved my fuel consumption! Stock ones were pretty worn though.

  • See I struggle with that concept.

    The reed valve, or torque induction, was a mechanism to stop fuel from being sent back to the carburettor. The stiffer reeds make it so that the fuel can only flow one direction. So I can't see how it would cause such a drastic fuel consumption. Unless the reeds were so stiff that it required a massive force to get the fuel in. But then that doesn't sound right.

    I guess I don't know, but I just feel like that isn't right.

  • @Calum is there any real difference in reeds will my bike perform better with one set but not as good as others or does it generally make no performance or running difference?

  • @declan No. Don't bother with carbon ones, I've never replaced the reeds, and they are originals from 2001'

  • @Darty thank you.

  • In my opinion it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I fail to see how they could be detrimental. And if you want your bike to be maximum spec then it's another item to check off the list.

    Do they make a difference on their own. Uhhm no I don't think so.

    Do they make a difference when you are running ported barrels, bigger carbs and a rev limit of 20k, yeah of course they will. They are designed to stop reed flutter, that is tge reeds bouncing on the cage due to high pressure. That's what stiffer reeds are about.

    I bought them because I am somewhere in the middle and for the sake of 20 quid I wanted to protect against reed flutter. And that may never occur on factory reeds, but it might have. I just wanted to cover all angles.

    A comment was made earlier aboyt me passing judgement on opinions and not facts. You will find in even the most prestigious tuning books, a lot of it has to do with experience and opinions, because seldom does the theory work exactly the same.in practice due to the variety of factors. I have provided the theory, but in practice it may offer no benefit.

  • i changed my reeds to the ebay crbon reeds and my fuel consumption has droped a lot on full tank so must be somthing in it

  • @Calum Theory is one thing, it's about context more so. How do we practically apply theory with the ownership of a DT125R? It requires it's own logic.

    The knowledge of tuning, I've found is detrimental in most cases to this engine, because of it's design, the inlet tract length and Airbox still amaze me with the efficiency of it.

    It's hard to prove it's improved?

    It's an interesting point about our opinions. Practical experience is what we are here to explore.

    Debating theory is mere conjecture, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    After 4 years, I've yet to decide if I have really bettered the original version I started with 😂

    Good to see the forum growing , one love to all!

  • I also have hy-tech carbon reeds and I would say my bike is too thirsty for a 125 it goes through a full tank in no time at all probably just as thirsty as my mitsubishi evo 😂😂

  • @Darty I wondered this mate. When I got my dt some 7 years ago I remember it being much quicker than it is now lol.

    But having ridden a bog standard one, I realise now that it is a lot quicker, but still slow.

    I mean really bad on fuel. I get about 100 miles to a tank of fuel. That would be a mix of thrashing it and taking it steady. That's pretty good hoing for a smoker.

  • @Calum well I'm hooked on my dt I was not expecting it to have that much power and speed but not only that but how smooth the gearbox is and how comfy the bike is I love it already.

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    @declan +1 for smooth gearbox and comfy riding.

  • @Mightyman Aprilia box is hella notchy lmao.

    DT is like a rifle action by comparison.

  • Oh I wish my gearbox is like yours 😃

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    Thought I would write an update from my previous post ^

    It seems as though the 40km that was dropped from my tank must have been something of a 'bedding in' stage for these carbon fibre reeds, as I am getting normal fuel consumption again after cycling through another 5 - 10 tanks.