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  • @nottsbiker damn, I know DHL ship from france and I know their prices are rape but I think I'm going to keep check on those websites when I get on the computer my French is super basic so navigating is difficult 😂 Thanks for the hook-up I'd love a wr200 but they're so hard to come by!!

  • @tdrnoob tommy keane on facebook . Dt breaker

  • @oldman said in TDR issue:

    I have a big van. Ferry costs must be high though for commercial vehicle, need to bring back 3 I would say and someone who can find and buy? Or a working holiday, just don't tell the missus

    You ever want to go over give me a shout and I'll be up for it.

    We have a Trafic with pop top tent and a small trailer. In total I could probably manage 6 trail bikes at a push.

    Ferry has just cost me £650 which includes cabins and dog crates. Cheapest ferry on the same route maybe £500 no frills. Tbh I'd go via the tunnel as is around £200 to cross and return say a week later.

    You cant beleive how good the roads are here and how quiet they are too - bikers paradise 🙂

    Bikes like the TDR were made for this type of country.

  • @nottsbiker Done the French tour a few times on big bikes, down south and to Spain, a much more bike aware country, loved it.

  • Spark Plug looks fine mate.

    I didn't think it was fueling.

    A plug chop must be done at high RPM WOT and the ignition to be switch off and clutch pulled in then bike pushed home

    You don't get any sort of idea of how the engine is performing whilst pootling around. However you do see if there are any problems.

  • @calum isn't it bad for the engine just shutting of at ~12k rpm? Does he get lubrication? Feels so sketchy to me.

  • 0_1506068334371_20170920_175043.jpg

    Confused about the reed valve. Took it out last time and I don't remember which way to put in. On a manual it says that there is special cutout on the corner but I don't see anything on mine. There is white marking on the top in the center. Is it correct like I am holding in a hand or upside down? The upper gap seems wider than down one.

  • As far as I remember the two stopper plates should be the same spacing. If they are not then a previous owner might have tried to modify it to open more.

    Not sure if the reed valves have a top or bottom to them but if it looks symmetrical then it shouldn't matter which way up it goes.

  • @irongamer727 Hence why I said clutch pulled in

    So it's not shutting the engine off at 12k RPM. You shut the engine off and pull the clutch in so the RPM's go to zero.

  • @tdrnoob Due to not finding the problem I started to check the back wheel. I felt that it it could be something with the brakes/wheel.
    And it was the rear master cylinder fitted in wrong position to the frame. It was fitted on the frame and supposed to be behind the frame... That what caused the brakes to drag.
    Such a simple thing. And such a noob.
    But so glad that I found this issue and is fixed now.
    You know that feeling when after long disappointment you feel full wave of happiness.

  • @nottsbiker The was different spacing between them. I have pushed them gently to original positions. According to DT125R manual it says that the space should be 6.8 mm,
    Do you think it is the same for Belgardas? The engine is the same, but the carb is different.

  • I would have thought so

    You sure about 6.8mm? For some reason I have 11mm in my head - could be wrong of course, and I'm at work so no way to check for certain

  • Hi guys. I got the same issue as andrewj1680 had in his topic "Need Help". So I cant start the bike when it is cold. It starts easy with the choke on. The head gasket is new. Ignition coil is new as well. The carb was cleaned 2 times already. Looks like need to have a look into carb again?

  • @tdrnoob

    No problem mate was my rusty memory!

  • @tdrnoob Yeah yeah this is completely normal.

    So long as the bike starts with choke that's fine.

  • Check the choke passageway in the floatbowl, for some reason people never clean this when they clean the carb.

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