Kick stand kill switch

  • All,
    I’m still struggling with the switch and how to kid the CDI it is still present.
    I still have the male or female end of the blue plug so l got two electrical connections and put on each pin to complete the circuit.
    Unfortunately this has failed to convince the somewhat intelligent DT that the switch is still present.
    It must be the switch because out of gear it is fine, in gear it just dies.
    Is it looking for a certain resistance, do l need the other male end?
    So l was wondering what some of you guys have done to get around this problem?

  • Pretty sure it's just an open circuit just gets closed merely by the kickstand switch.

    So short it out that should sort it out.

  • @calum
    I have done that Calum but it doesn’t seem to stop it killing the engine.
    And as said it is fine out of gear, just when you start to ride.
    I’m at a brick wall with it, l have had the Haynes manual out, sorted all if the wires.
    Installed indicators, even sorted the parking light out! Ha-ha!
    But this has beat me!
    Everything l watch on YouTube they have the kill switch and cut the switch off then use wire past the connectors.
    Where as I’m just jumping them at the female end connector?
    Unfortunately l know nothing about electrical, apart from common sense! 😃

  • @spanners mines cut off where the wires come out of the actual switch

  • @spanners Check the connectors for any corrosion, then check all wires too and from those connectors for corrosion or bare wire. As that will cause the circuit to short out and activate the kill switch.

  • @declan
    Hi Declan
    Thanks for the advice, and yes that’s what a was saying.
    If you see in the picture, the Blue connector is what the kill switch plugs into.
    I don’t actually have a kill switch, so l can jump the wires past the female connector.
    Surely the CDI can’t be that intelligent where it requires a certain resistance? 😢

  • I'd have to check the wiring diagram. But it's not doing anything clever.

  • @ninja
    Thanks Ninja!
    I think that is the best step, checking all the associated wires for wear.
    Next thing is maybe buying a clucking kill switch! Ha-ha! 😂

  • @spanners I'd check all the wires first dude, normally the kill switch is just an open or close switch, pretty much the same as a regular wall light switch. If the wiring is sound then you know it's a faulty switch and vice versa!!! 😉

  • Doesn't the sidestand switch earth through the frame? Pretty sure mine only has 1 wire going to it, connect that to the frame somewhere and that should sort it

  • @finnerz89
    Thank you for the advice, l will have a go later! 😃👍

  • @finnerz89 This was my thoughts exactly, but wasn't sure enough to post it.

  • @finnerz89
    So I’ve just been on YouTube and l think now l should take the two wires and connect them then ground them both to the frame.
    I believe this is to stop the rectifier over heating.
    Does this sound about right? 😂👍

  • @spanners that's a new one on me lol. You should only need to ground one of them

  • I'd just get the side stand switch fitted.

    Is there any reason why you don't want one.

    My Aprilia didn't have one, it had a suicide stand. And on one occasion it didn't retract. I remember riding it for a few miles with the stand semi-down. And when I came round a bend, it chipped the floor nearly writing me off.

    It's a good lesson, I would always have one fitted given the choice.

  • @calum
    Well to buy a new one is around £60, considering to bike never had one and they seemed quite annoying if they fail l figured l would just over ride it.
    But I’ve had a word with the lads at GB Breakers and they have one for a decent price.
    Also l can’t figure out how to do it! Ha-ha!
    Will l ever get to ride the DT l have built......🤣

  • @spanners Hhm, never had one fail on me personally.

  • I thought you cut the plug off then joined both wires together

  • @dan28 l have tried that Dan, it doesn’t work.
    Strangely it works a little bit, but as you go up the revs in cuts out.
    It plays with you a little bit, then leaves you to do the walk of shame back to your house whilst it laughs behind your back.
    Maybe I’ve dramatised that a little.....ha-ha! 😂😡

  • @spanners
    Did u cut the plug off an join the wires
    Or are the plugs still there an u have joined the wire were it comes out the plug

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