DT 125 R '88... New project

  • About a week ago, I bought new project for me 🙂 My plan and idea is to keep this as original looking as possible, and maybe try to get museum register for it. That's why I'd like to change exhaust to as original look as possible... maybe gianelli painted black!? Now bike is running quite well, and papers claim it has 17kw... I think I will just ride the next summer, and take it to parts during next winter...

    here are few photos:

    alt text

    alt text

  • @jgr72 very nice looking bike 😊 👌

  • I mean if that's the original pipe, it's not going to be restricted anyway. So whilst there are gains to be made swapping the exhaust, mainly weight, if it's originality you want I'd leave it alone.

    Probably one of my favourite colours of the DTR that is just lovely!

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    Not a fan of the fender extender myself 😂

    Great looking bike otherwise!

  • Good looking, I look forward to seeing what you make of it 🙂

  • @Calum
    Isn't gianelli/athena etc pipe better than original pipe anyway? Silencer is a bit rotten, and so is the mid section... Another option is to sandblow whole pipe... What I want, is more torque/power with quite close original look... Been thinking also 170cc kit with bigger carb...

  • @jgr72 The Athena kits are a bit lack luster, however they will give you more torque.

    Yeah sorry they would, but you said you wanted to keep it original. But now you're saying Athena big bore so now I'm confused.

    If you're keeping it original, just leave it as is. Otherwise grab a DEP pipe as they are the most performant. That would probably suffice to be honest. If you really need more torque then upping the displacement would do, although I'd be more inclined to grab a DT200R or something similar.

  • Isn't DT200R engine totally different than DR125R? To be honest, I was looking for KMX200 / DT200, but those are so rare here in Finland... I used to have XT600 many years ago, but it was quite heavy for me...

    Well, I might not be so good to express myself 😄 I wan't to keep it look a like original... including that black exhaust and "heat cover" on it. Pipe it self could be something else, if it look near original... No plates etc...

    What pipe would give more torque? And to be like "4-stroke like" torque?

  • @jgr72 I'm sure there's someone on here that straight swapped the dt 200 motor for the 125 no modifications

  • Do I need to change whole engine? is it possible to just change cylinder/piston? Or does 200 have longer stroke (different crank)?

  • @jgr72 wouldn't have a clue mate

  • @jgr72 Looks nice and tidy, with some minor work she would look mint in no time bud. 😉

  • What a gem!

  • Thanks 🙂 photos will lie, it's not that good looking IRL, but best that i've have seen for some time... there are some scratses in plastics etc...

    Today, I changed fork boots (progrip, I order them from ebay.co.uk), it was an easy job... Few days ago I changed brake and cluth lever blades, brake was missing the ball on the outer end, and both was wrong color, they should be black and thet ware aluminium-color...

    Next step is to find where it's leaking oil... at least 2t oil tank is leaking, If I'm not able to find new hoses I think I will empty the tank and add oil into the gasoline, and forget the original 2t oil supply system...

  • @jgr72 Im changed oil hoses for clear ones from halfords . Cost me like £5 or less.

  • How does the 2t oil hose connect to down end (pump side)? Silicone hose might be best... that tightens well and does not leak so easy than harder hoses...

  • @jgr72 0_1494524512485_20170503_205236.jpg
    5min job . Just reuse the hose clamps or get some from ebay.

  • Okey you did it that way 🙂

    Today I struggle with front brake pads... I've seen and changed various brake parts in various vehicles, and never been so hard... I don't know did I do something wrong or am I just stupid 😄 But now it's there... Maybe pad retaining spring wasn't in original shape anymore... I need to take it apart again, cause caliper seals ware so bad condition... Next step is to change rear tyre 🙂

    alt text

  • -New fork boots
    -new levers
    -new rear tyre

    Rear turning light apears to be loose 😄

    New sticer decals, transparent (2t) oil hose and a set of main jets ordered from ebay...

    alt text

  • @jgr72 Looking good bud - nice work. 👍

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