Yamaha DT125R '01 - Running Project

  • @andrewj1680 Oh man, that sure looks damn sweet, and such a shame to do all that work and then get all that lovely shiny metal blacked out. But hey-hoo I get why and it was your choice.

  • @CYBER-NINJA I preferred the polished look but I'd of spent more time polishing it than riding it every time I took it out, Can you imagine trying to avoid every puddle you came across lol that wasn't for me if it's there I'm gonna ride it

  • alt text

    alt text

    (6mm Stainless Steel - Brass 13-14mm spacers)

    I made DXF files for Waterjet cutting - for a Stainless Calliper adapter and spacers for a SM conversion using the 'YZF125' Brembo calliper.

    If there are a few members here looking to do SM conversions, I could get a few kits together with bolts,

    Just a limited run as I have the time for the moment.

  • 32 degrees, sticky rubber, cotswold country lanes, 2strokes and considerable beer intake on par with University life.

    I ride this thing 22 miles a day as a daily to go work, built this thing to be used and I just 'turn it up' a little on the Laptop for a blitz on the weekend somewhere.

    Drawing this project to a close, and enjoying the result, or atleast this iteration of it so far...

    alt text

    I had some clearance issues with the Powervalve under expansion. I removed material in increments by machine sanding.

    alt text

    Custom bracket for the FMF Powercore1 can. Fits on a DTR well.

    alt text

    Built the headlight brackets,

    alt text

    WR400 Face swap.

    alt text

    There is no room left on this bike. Made a mount for the Ignitech Ignition, secure, doesn't suffer from heat exposure and most importantly it's accessible.

    As for cooling, air flow is fine still.

    alt text

    Modified AS3 Silicone WR200 radiator hose's to suit this mongrel application.

    This leads me to something interesting I found,

    alt text

    I needed a new WR200 coolant pipe, turns out later 4BF4 1995' WR200s use a larger 18mm bore coolant pipe.

    I got one brand new old stock from Japan. I've rust protected it, primer and a Gold top coat for a little bling.

    alt text

    Then of course a 4BF4 Waterpump cover is required.

    alt text

    4BF4' Pictured above vs 125R/200R

    alt text

    alt text

    I never knew Yamaha updated the cooling for the WR200, so I had help getting a used one.

    alt text

    IT ONLY JUST FITS... Tight bruuuh. I made a brace for the coolant down pipe as it's just a braised joint and I managed to split my last one like a clot.

    Originally this mounts onto the WR200 Cylinder, so ideally this has to be done to the 125R barrel.

    alt text

    Cooling is now more than adequate,
    alt text

    WR200 Inlet, TM32 fitted. This inlet gives you more angle to use larger carburettor bodies.

    alt text

    WR200 vs DT125R. Inlet tract a little longer, Mounting points have to be modified and crankcase stuffers removed.

    alt text

    New YZ braided brake lines and removable exhaust joint to get the FMF onto the DEP.

    alt text

    (An oldschool mechanical display setup. Dorky but I love this older stuff.

    alt text

    The fun bits. Built to be ridden alot!

    alt text

    Using a base map close to a TZR125 4DL SP, It runs particularly well under 6K.

    This DT now shifts.. I use a 4DL servo setting which utilises the PV opening later than the DT or TDR 3SH.

    alt text

    It's far from perfect, but a safe base tune to run on as this is my daily as the weather is so good.

    alt text
    It's run in properly now, and it is glorious. It sounds fantastic over 10,000rpm.

    Powerband is up at 9,500rpm and it pulls hard to 13,000.

    DTR Gear ratios are perfect for this TZR head and it's acceleration characteristic is spot on, 0-62 less than 6 seconds.

    More to come, more bits from Japan to arrive and then finally a Dyno session with a TM34ss fitted.

    Stay safe!

  • @Darty my power comes in at around 9 but only pulls for a bit is this normal just because you have a fancy set up?

  • @Darty btw that bike is legendary well fucking done man

  • @declan Cheers boss, yeah I guess it hasn't risen much, it's not running right at top end RPM's. Possibly the Reeds failing.

    It's amazing how much more torquey it is than before, it's not a bad commuter bike still πŸ˜‚

  • @Darty Oh my, yes bud this is fantastic!!!!! πŸ˜ƒ

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    Very interested to see the dyno results!

  • Yeah me 2 πŸ™‚

  • hey, are the calipers you designed for the dtx front brake? or is it for dtr front brake? because if it is for dtx front brake i would be interested

  • Thats a cool dtr!

  • @Darty this is what’s sat at the top of my tabs list for the past 4 weeks, your bike build. It’s Mk1 stage with the aprillia headlight and YZ wheels is probably my biggest inspiration for my bike to date. Timeless classic looking crosser and I can’t relp but keep looking at or referring to the pictures of it late at night πŸ˜‰ (when I’m on eBay that is and not a certain other website πŸ˜‚)

  • @dtStevie98

    Lost but not forgotten, back on a standard Top end, bent Shifter fork and Clutch issues, bent caliper hanger, seized caliper piston, slightly bent yokes as it turns out from long ago, and the Dep Expansion pipe that is only 65% left in existence.

    I also dented the tank very badly and cannot pull it out, it's trashed,

    alt text

    alt text
    And the Power-valve which was 'fully sent'. It blew the remaining pin out the exhaust,, I think as the bottom end didn't grenade itself.

    It was doing 80mph in 5th gear and still pulling, so it was mission accomplished.

    Full Yeet.