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    Happy new year to all,I wish you only good health, everything else can be gained more or less.

    @Calum Thank you for the existence of the forum.

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    @SpookDog Turns out if you run 421 pitch chain on a bike putting out nearly 30+ ponies, it's really only good for a few ride outs.

    Snapped 2 years ago, haven't ridden it since. Restoring it back to 520 pitch.

    Was rapid though, probably did like 500 miles on a chain which was probably only designed to do a single race 😉

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    A tyre/rim chart I have says up to 80/90-21 is ok,90/90-21 is what I will put when I change tyres.
    Don't remember where but someone fitted that size to 1.60-21 rim and had no problem.

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    Now that the engine is done, I suppose it's best I return back to the frame. I've contacted another local powdercoaters who are able to do the work for me and it'll be dropped off tomorrow. Fingers crossed they do a pucker job this time.

    This is it as of yesterday, it hasn't been touched since I got it back from the coaters.

    My garage is also very warm as it houses the gas boiler which means it's toasty in there all year round.

    Meanwhile I saw this cheeky swinging arm over in Italy for a measily £50...

    Now despite already buying and refurbishing an aluminium swinging arm, at no small expense I might add, I do prefer the styling of this arm. I wanted this arm originally, as this is what you'll find on the MX, however the one on the MX uses a special kind of dog bone which I could not source for love nor money. However this one came fitted with the same dog bones that you'd find on the RX/SX/ETX and claims it came off an RX. So I snagged it.

    Dimensions wise it all checks out the same as the one I originally bought, so there should be no issues with spacers, clearances or alignment.

    It's a lovely bit of kit and a few minutes on a basic polisher shows how good it can come out.

    I'll be sending it away for vapor blasting and new bearings have been ordered.

    Question is? To polish or not to polish?

    I'm looking forward to getting this bike reassembled and back on the road.

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    Very cool!

    Tip: You can embed the photos by using the ![]( syntax.

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    Hi guys, i own old 1988 DTR with round slide carb. Having trouble jetting it. Can someone help me find out where is it rich or lean.

    Current jetting is:
    Pilot 30
    Main 130
    Clip 3rd slot from the top.

    But since i could not find oem jets this is chinese jets and i have lot of smaller or bigger jets to try.

    Here is youtube video:

    Thank you.

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    @Calum That site is known even more year's!!!!!