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    Happy new year to all,I wish you only good health, everything else can be gained more or less.

    @Calum Thank you for the existence of the forum.

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    @SpookDog Turns out if you run 421 pitch chain on a bike putting out nearly 30+ ponies, it's really only good for a few ride outs.

    Snapped 2 years ago, haven't ridden it since. Restoring it back to 520 pitch.

    Was rapid though, probably did like 500 miles on a chain which was probably only designed to do a single race ;)

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    niels dt200rN

    thank you all for the warm welcome,
    and tips.
    be sure to keep you informed.
    I see that you can find a lot of information here!!

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    First time I have ridden this in two what a bike. Everything on this bike is just so tight. Rapid little bike this, mind blowing you used to be able to buy these at 17!

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    I found this

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    I got the powervalve to work, but how can i charge the battery? Or can the servo also run on the power from the stator and what wires would that be?

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    @Calum That site is known even more year's!!!!!